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Next Gen BLACKWELL GPU Performance Is INCREDIBLE Says Nvidia

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Title: Nvidia's Next-Gen BLACKWELL GPU Performance Impresses: A New Leap in Graphics Technology

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, Nvidia has once again made headlines with its next-generation BLACKWELL GPU. According to recent announcements, the performance of this new GPU is nothing short of incredible, marking a significant leap in graphics technology.

Nvidia, a leading name in the graphics processing unit (GPU) market, has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible in terms of graphics performance. The next-gen BLACKWELL GPU is no exception. With its impressive capabilities, it promises to deliver an unparalleled user experience, particularly in areas such as gaming, AI, and data science.

The new GPU's performance is not just a claim but has been substantiated by Nvidia itself. The company has highlighted the GPU's ability to handle complex computations and render high-quality graphics at unprecedented speeds. This could potentially revolutionize the way we interact with digital content, making it more immersive and responsive than ever before.

The announcement of the next-gen BLACKWELL GPU comes at a time when the demand for high-performance GPUs is at an all-time high. With the ongoing growth of industries such as gaming, AI, and data science, the need for powerful GPUs is increasingly important. Nvidia's latest offering seems poised to meet this demand, offering a significant improvement over its predecessors.

In conclusion, Nvidia's next-gen BLACKWELL GPU is a testament to the company's commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in graphics technology. With its incredible performance, it could potentially reshape the landscape of various industries that rely heavily on graphics processing. As we look forward, it will be interesting to see how this new GPU will be integrated into various applications and how it will impact the user experience.

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  • Please can you help me decide. I really want new 4k 240hz oled monitor, but I have to build new PC for it. Is it stupid to build 4090/7800x3d setup now ?

  • Ask your sources about what power connector the 5090 will have. If it doesn't set my house on fire I might buy one.

  • My gues is the biggest performance leap will be rtx 5090 for $1999 msrp ($3k real price). 5080 will tie todays rtx 4090 and 5070 will tie 4070 ti super….. all cards below rtx 5090 will be $100-200 more expensive for sure. This patern is boring af.

  • 5090 for 3000 USD after scalper taxes. Thank me later

  • Suddely BLACKWELL for 5090 series used GB103 and nvidia reserve 102 and 100 for Server and AI.

  • amd plan release dates are for q4 2024 from what we know. nvidia from what i remember might release only the 5090 this year and nothing more but it depends if amd gives it pressure with new gpu. For now amd and nvidia don't feel any pressure both imo since amd is finally selling decent since years and nvdia is selling to his fans that can't avoid to buy it

  • No way is it coming this year , Id bet if you wanted to sell your hardware to prep for blackwell, Novembers a comfortable time but I bet we won’t see anything till feb 1st

  • To be honest I completely checked out of the while GPU race, the steps are too small and I just can't take the prices serious anymore.

  • i like the chart.. 1x – 11x – 18x – actualy perfomance made by software not a iron 🙂 gpu just 5% better itself 🙂

  • Ridiculous, extensive GPU? You have no idea what you are talking about. For professionals, GPUs are money-makers; you recoup the investment within 6 months. Over a 24-month lifespan, you make 300% of your initial investment, which is 150% every year. When you don't understand the market and view the world with a closed mind, you just embarrass yourself. No body cares about gamers with no money for an expensive hobby.

  • No real engineer likes the way ray-tracing/path-tracing is done using guessing algorithms. Even if it was artifact free… the card wastes so much energy.

  • Master of double talk… 11 minutes.. a few old slides of information…

  • If next generation plays out anything like this generation. The best bet would be to buy the Flagship and sit on as long as possible. You get best in class gaming for at least 2 years after that you can deal with it.

  • it may as well be 2 years before these new products have wide availability so be patient? prices will be high and there will be little competition to provide any choice for 3-4 years – real ai won't be here for 5 years so why get antsy? #who the hell knows #who the hell cares

  • RDNA 4 will compete with 5070 at best but probably only with 5060ti so Nvidia will charge whatever they want for 5090 and 5080

  • Fact is I use my 4090 on a 4080 level and would use a 5090 just like the 4090 so result is, I just won't need a 5090 over the next 3 years and plus I'm still on AM4 with 5800X3D and pretty happy with it. I use FPS limit to 115 and play on 120Hz LG OLED TV. So I would also have to move to AM5 to use PCIe 5.0 of the 5090 and just don't need that performance. 😅

  • I decided to pay stupid money for a 4090 and don’t regret it. I won’t be in any hurry for 50 series, as this thing chomps through everything. MSFS is the only software that tempts me to do an upgrade….

  • I took a huge chunk of my tax return and threw it in my savings until the 5080 are available. 👍 Thank goodness it was a large return. LoL!

  • B100 ABALK WEL X20 THEN A100 HMMM ADN 1000W GPU .YEA SHURE RAITH. ME NO CAZ OF tha 1000w sory but nevre it is facik insene barf pupu any gpu ovre 200W hasz to be godkale ..norging more notinhg les .fin 300w ultra max fin end final

  • The performance may be incredible according to Nvidia, but how much Uplift can I get from my 3060 ti.. and at what price? That is what I am wondering. If I run a game at 50 FPS average on my 3060 ti, how much money will I need to spend with the new Blackwell GPU's to get 100 FPS on the same game… WITHOUT FRAME GENERATION?

  • /me starts saving for 6xxx series or 2nd hand 5xxx series cards.

  • dead god I hope they wont release the rumoured lovelace titan, Personally think a blackwell titan would be way more worth it

  • Nvidia owes us gamers , its our money that funded them riding the AI boom.

  • Blackwell sounds so "Intel like" name to me that I still get confused about that 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  • KOPITE 7kimi long leaked the specs and structure of GB202, so the real specs are more likely:

    GB207: 2 GPC:8TPC:2SM = 32 SM

    GB206: 3 GPC:8TPC:2SM = 48 SM

    GB205: 5 GPC:8TPC:2SM = 80 SM

    GB203: 7GPC:8TPC:2SM = 128SM

    GB202: 12GPC:8TPC:2SM = 192 SM

  • If those are 5050 to 5090 specs, will the 5060 models have a 128-bit memory bus AGAIN?

  • Lol ceo clearly stated enjoy the low allocation, gamers.

  • Yes, u are right – torn between a boring 4080 super and the uncertain launching / supplies of Blackwell, I gunned for the RTX 4090 recently instead. Feeling was satisfactory. 😁

  • guess I'll keep using my good old 1080Ti for a while then

  • Nvidia basically always says stuff like that before release. It will be the usual performance increase.

  • Note to content creator: There are no ladies or gentlemen here.

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