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Next Gen AMD CPUs Are Wild – How Zen 6 Can Fix CPUs

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Title: "Zen 6: AMD's Next-Gen CPUs Promise to Revolutionize Performance"

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, AMD's upcoming Zen 6 CPUs are generating a significant buzz. These next-generation processors aim to address the long-standing issues that have plagued traditional CPUs, promising a leap in performance and efficiency.

The primary focus of Zen 6 is to improve single-threaded performance, a critical aspect often overlooked in recent CPU generations. By enhancing this performance, AMD aims to provide a smoother and more responsive user experience, particularly in applications that heavily rely on a single core, such as gaming, video editing, and high-performance computing.

One of the key features of Zen 6 is its improved instruction set architecture (ISA). The new ISA will allow for more efficient execution of instructions, leading to faster processing times and reduced power consumption. This is a significant step forward, as power efficiency has been a challenge for high-performance CPUs.

Another exciting development is the potential integration of AMD's 3D V-Cache technology. This technology, which was introduced with the Ryzen

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  • this remind me when athlonxp came out winning so much they forgot about latency issues that first i7 and i5 show how its done back then, i am very surprise intel survive this longer since pentium 4 to core i7 success …it took them 3 years for research that really paid off while AMD was close to bankruptcy after releasing phenom to bulldozer debacle…not sure how amd be this close to lose it all from success of amd k6, athlon, amd64, phenom 2?? its like story with tortoise and hare …in the end the tortoise wins due to experience and future planning while amd rushes to defeat that seems winnable to it, but froget that it can't learned from its mistakes

  • I can’t wait to pop that 9800x3d in my system 🙂

  • There essentially 2 "lanes" per ccd for memory but Ryzen only uses 1 of them. Epyc uses both of them and it could seriously help the memory.

  • Do this again Conner I will throw u before the board. All know what ever asymmetrical AMD 3D u chose for games and simulations unless u have compiled for 2P means u isolate 3D processing to that ccd. mb

  • How can you know about Zen 6 if Zen 5 isn't even out yet? Clickbait and bullshit.

  • They can fix zen5 by going to a new socket that has 32 to 48 pcie gen5 lanes. That is if AMD actually wants to beat Intel one day!

  • A constructive criticism:
    This is the first video I am watching from you.
    Maybe this is due to the editing: I can not hear any gap between your sentences. The gap is the same as between any other 2 subsequent words.
    This makes everything less understandable.
    The entire video sounds like one fast sentence.
    I would slow down, at least at the end of the sentences. Faster is not always better.

  • I think AMD also aims to replace GPUs and move them onto the CPU dye set. With the Ryzen 8000, they eliminate the need for a dedicated GPU for esports players. Wonder if they will climb into low/mid-tear GPU performance in a few years with integrated graphics.

  • After Zen 6 fixes CPUs, Zen 7 is going to fix you!

  • Zen 6 design is still not even finished… we cant know how fast it will be… I guess we might have an idea about the IPC leaking like in early 2025 or mid 2025 but before that is 110% speculation.

  • Anyone know if Zen5 (Ryzen 9000) is getting a new chipset to go with it?

  • Hey, windows OEM keys are bad. And you need to go understand the difference between oem and retail keys. – if your pushing ppl for oem keys im unlikely to trust you for anything due to a lack of competence or intelligence.

  • The Infinity bandwidth is bidirectional so you can't compare it with memory bandwidth.

  • Everything is going to change to ARM processors in windows 12, it's already made to use them. They're faster than intel and amd, they run cooler by 50%. Now think multiple ARM chips on a mobo.

  • Not this bullshit again 😒

  • So they're basically moving the chiplets closer, because the old design has too much latency in design without X3D? And Infinity fabric is holding back things? I'm not buying that. Your being a performance snob. The 7600X matches the 5800X3D in many games.

  • 7800x3d will work for me till Zen 10

  • Here I am with my ryzen 5 5500u notebook laptop 🫠🫠🫠

  • Oh Zen 6 80% faster than Zen 4, well in that case, assuming we are talking about multi threaded performance there is supposed to be a 50% increase in core count, so yeh that sounds completely reasonable, 80% faster in ST na I don't believe you.

  • man i feel bad for intel they should cry lol I like that amd kept bullying intel lol I bought amd cpu and gpu I think amd cpu Is great but amd gpu has issue driver is not stay able game crash too much raytress sucks fsr make poor quality image and mostly runs to fking hot and eats a lot of electricity

  • my guy flip flops more than the the crack that he's sniffing

  • The way he inhales and turns as quick as possible to the camera after hitting record.

  • And here I am still trying to get used to the superior performance of my "new" 5800X system! 🙂

  • I got a secred info no one has reported yet!??
    Zen7 will be even better!

    Fucking joke, we do not have 5 yet and and start allready hyping Zen6.

  • I wonder if AMD will move to a hybrid architecture like Intel does at some point.
    My only concern is that the latency might be too high for the communication between the P and E cores.

  • Zen 5 is the complete overhauled architecture, everything is widened out, so there is really more performance comming!
    Zen 6 is a "just" minor optimization of the CPU cores of the Zen 5 CPUs, but it's priority lies in the IO DIE, the stacking/packaging technology etc, therefore I suspect the idle power sonsumption is finaly going down, sincwe the chiplet design consumes way more power in idle than every other CPU (Intel and AMDs own monolithic APUs).

    Also, when there is this LCAMM / whatever debate: ok, more bandwith. GPUs need bandwidth, not CPUs. CPUs need fast memory access, therefore low latency and the latency (in nanoseconds) hasn't really gotten better over the years. Even DDR2-800MHz CL4-4-4-12 was very good back in the day and now look at the timings and subtimings of the "standard" RAMs in the systems, especially in OEM systems. And then also on laptops RAM (SO-DIMMs). The CL-values rise more than the MT, therefore higher latency (in nanoseconds).
    CPU need low latency or better, less memory access in total, because that takes time! Therefore: more and faster L3 cache helps!
    GPUs need bandwidth! Access times / latency is far less critical. Hughes amounts of textures have to me moved.
    Also, VRAM, GDDR is based in DDR, just optimized for GPUs –> way more bandwidth but higher latency, because it doesn't matter.
    For APUs… well, a compromise must be found obviously.

  • Still rocking the 5950x here. I think it's time to upgrade given the massive performance increases gen to gen.

  • My humble 5700G has surprising performance in certain tasks despite it having only half the cache most likely due to it's monolithic die.

  • Don't get caught up in the hype. The average user doesn't need the fastest and newest cpu.

  • The infinity frabric bandwidth is dependent on the RAM speed so no apart from you not being able to run the infinity fabric fast enough for the RAM the IF doesn't effect memory speed, I does however effect memory latency.

  • Kudos for describing and linking sources. I don't care so much about the happy path performance as much as greatly narrowing the gap between 1% lows Vs the average.

  • We're living in 1920's with that ammount of crack you spray over us every month

  • We don't want any more x86 chips anymore. they must switch to arm chip

  • I am turned off of Intel from 10th Gen and onward. Intel moved the BIOS chip off the CPU and onto the motherboard, like it was decades ago. It causes noticeable lag in the desktop similarly to Zen 1. What a step backwards!

    Then, beginning with Coffee Lake, Intel changed its Turbo specs where not all of the chips would perform the same even at stock settings due to variances in silicon. You would have OEM systems with an i7 8700k performing from +15% faster than AMD's R5 2600X to a tad slower. In the past, the silicon lottery was for OC'ers only!

    The Ryzen 7000X chips burning up was a bad move by AMD. But, Intel has made systemic poor design changes. I can just get a non-X or X3D chips by AMD.

  • 80% faster than Zen 4 means that Zen 5 is 34% faster than Zen 4 while Zen 6 is 34% faster than Zen 5.
    I see that in select workloads, but I cannot imagine that being representative of daily performance.

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