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Mid 2024 New GPU Tier List – AMD, Nvidia, & Intel

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Title: Mid-2024 GPU Tier List: A Look at the Latest Graphics Card Rankings from AMD, Nvidia, and Intel

In the ever-evolving world of technology, the graphics processing unit (GPU) market is no exception. As we approach mid-2024, the landscape of GPUs has shifted significantly, with AMD, Nvidia, and Intel continuing to push the boundaries of performance and innovation. Here's a quick look at the latest GPU tier list for the mid-2024 market.

1. High-End GPUs:
- Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 Ti: With its impressive 24GB GDDR6X memory and 10240 CUDA cores, the RTX 4090 Ti has set a new standard for high-end GPUs, offering unparalleled performance for 4K gaming and professional applications.

- AMD Radeon RX 7950 XT: The RX 7950 XT, AMD's flagship offering, boasts 16GB GDDR6 memory and 6

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  • 4070ti super is easy A tier, leaves anything below it in the dust when it comes to 4K and RT performance for just $789. Also a good pick for ultrawide enjoyers where 12GB would need turning down settings for the weaker cards.

  • How can you actually throw the best graphics card out right now in A?

  • Let me make it easy for all the adult gamers with a good job buy 4090. If you have a sucky job, buy AMD. If you are poor, don't buy intel, buy an Xbox or Playstation.

  • Agree with the A580 being at top of A tier, arguably the only brand new graphics card out right now that solidly competes with the used market for its price, almost certainly the only one in the budget tier that does

  • I've seen multiple used 3080s in my area going for sub $400 lately, with some as cheap as $300 which is insane value IMO.

  • Got a 4080 open box for $803 and I think it’s worth it

  • lol, pandering to the budget gamer crowd.

  • He said not to buy the 4080, I bought it and love it. He said not to buy the AW QD OLED, I bought it and love it. Any product he bashes, I’m interested in

  • 7700 XT S tier wat, that card only existed to make the 7800 XT look better but now it has come down in price and canibalized it completely. It will only be worth looking at, at real 350- street prices as a 6750 XT replacement

  • The RX 6750XT is going for around $300 right now. It easily beats out the 4060 and comes close to the unpopular 4060TI. I would have considered that GPU and put that into S tier.

    Also the 7700XT while it is a good value at $400. The 7800XT is only $80 more and gives you 16GB VRaM and 17% better performance.

    So if anything the 7800XT is the best value right now at $480.

  • If Nvidia just used normal PCIE connections, they would have saved on cost and all their cards would have gone up half a tier (for me at least)

    The 12VHPWR is such a stupid connection

  • The 4090 is hard to rank because its price is in a tier of its own, but so its its performance. You can easily compare something like a 4080 Super and 7900xtx by looking at rasterization, ray tracing, ect. There is no peer for the 4090. It is a luxury item.

  • 5:04 people keep forgetting that you don't just get dlss, you also get dlaa which is superior to TAA and helps visual quality substantially at 1080p. Some games have TAA implementations that are bad enough that dlss quality is able to provide a similar image or even better compared to the TAA. Source: hardware undboxed.

  • See my Seeking Alpha comment line for the full 4-month report titled GPU TODAY covering months February 25 through May 17 to see the dGPU supply, trade-in, and sales trend for every AMD, Intel, Nvidia dGPU currently available in the WW channel. Records the supply, trade-in and sales trend for 253 SKUs current ADA and RDNA lll generations back to Polaris and Volta. Search my name with GPU Today CES and scroll down the comment post to the NEWS first table date May 18. dGPU market shares also stated. mb

  • Which kind of childhood trauma people suffer writing " no rx 6xxx series or rtx 3xxx series?" It is a 2024 tier list wtf

  • Just bought a 7900xt, Still running a 1060 (3gb) so I see no reason why the 7900xt get me through a decade of Gaming and video/photo editing too. I was going to go for the GRE but I figured I could actually benefit from the extra 4gb of vram, and also visually speaking, there just isn't any interesting AIB designs for the GRE

  • You forgot to mention the failing connectors on 4090's which is a highly potential risk within the very first year of ownership, so how in the hell can you place that in tier A without mentioning at least that risk? It should be B tier if anything.

  • The only thing this mofo has been doing for many many years is crystal meth.

  • 4090 should be on it's own island called God Tier above everything else and out of frame. It's just not comparable to the peasants below it. Looking at the actual list of normal GPUs that are in Beer League, the only change I'd make is moving the 7900 XTX up to A Tier near the end.

  • no game worth playing requires anything stronger then a NVS 510

  • pour kids will fight to the last day of summer to make 4090 looking bad coz they cant have it for 100 diferent reasons, they cant imagine that there exist people that will pay double for this card just to have what they need, not to have what they can. Funny thing is that 4090 owners didnt waiste time for attack worst GPU owners and choices inn comment section and dont trying them to look broken like they are . Everyone will be happy to have this card if they will got it for free , all is about money, nothing else. Its similar to sport cars, some of them are cost double just for few seconds on track. Same thing is with 4090 which is just best you can have, if you can and need ofcourse.

  • i got a 4080 for 500 is the higher then a tier??

  • 4090 is D tier for it’s ridiculous price tag. Should have never been more than 1200usd and that’s pushing it. 70%+ profit margins are robbery.

  • maybe pricing in the US is different, but there is little reason to go 7700xt over 7800xt imo. significantly faster and more future proof with 16gb for just a bit extra $ on top

  • So this tier list is based on pricing rather than performance?

  • I think cards like 7800XT and 4070 Ti Super are "5 years cards" so they should be S tier…
    Slower cards will be replace earlier because they will not be able to keep up in newer games.
    Faster cards also will be replace eralier because people who bought them are those who wants top performance ones.
    And because 16GB VRam sounds like future proof solution they will be serving for longest time.

  • cant believe my 7900xt isnt s tier im so sad its such a good value at $700

  • I ll keep my 6900XT for this year 🙁

  • I would place 7900XTX in S Tier because in my country has a very good price, and with OC can almost reach the performance of 4090. For the 4080 is a bit unfair to place it in D :))) Is a great card that deserves atleast C Tier.

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    S Tier

    AMD RX 7700 XT:

    A Tier

    Intel Arc A580:

    Nvidia RTX 4070 Super:

    AMD RX 7800 XT:

    AMD RX 7900 GRE:

    AMD RX 7900 XT:

    Nvidia RTX 4090:

    B Tier

    AMD RX 7600:

    Intel Arc A750:

    Nvidia RTX 4070:

    Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti Super:

    AMD RX 7900 XTX:

    Nvidia RTX 4080 Super:

    C Tier

    Nvidia RTX 4060:

    Intel Arc A770:

    D Tier

    Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti:

    Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti:

    Nvidia RTX 4080: Basically gone (More than Super).

    I earn commission based on purchases.

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