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is AMD’s GPU Business really in “Terminal Decline”…?

Getting sent an article on AMD and their Radeon GPU sales, I decided to delve deeper into the numbers, and there is indeed BAD …


Title: Is AMD's GPU Business on the Brink of a Steep Decline? A Closer Look

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, the performance and market share of Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) manufacturers are under constant scrutiny. Recently, a question has been raised about AMD's GPU business, with some suggesting it is in "terminal decline." However, a closer look at the current market dynamics and AMD's strategic moves paints a more nuanced picture.

The GPU market is a competitive landscape, with AMD and Nvidia as the dominant players. In recent years, Nvidia has been leading the pack, capturing a significant portion of the market share due to its superior technology and strategic partnerships. AMD, on the other hand, has been playing catch-up, struggling to keep pace with Nvidia's advancements.

However, AMD's GPU business is not in a state of terminal decline. While it may be behind Nvidia in terms of market share, AMD has been making significant strides in technology and product development. The release of the Radeon RX 6000 series, powered by AMD's RDNA

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  • Still satisfied with my xfx 6900xt , no issues. What caught my attention is you saying that in Japan the efficiency is one of the main attributes they're basing their purchase decision on. That being said, I have pretty interesting undervolting results with my card resulting in considerate energy savings while keeping the performance – could AMD focus on official support of UV?

  • AMD GPUs aren't in decline because they were never even close to the top…their drivers are horrible. Fix the crashing drivers and it would help out a lot.

  • Video cards do not be replaced as often. The new cards are designed to prosper using 4k. Buy that card and it will be good for a very long time as you could go down to 1440p or even 1080p far down the road. A 1080 ti card can still be enjoyable in 2024.

  • AMD is never going to leave the gaming GPU market because it doesn't make great business sense to do that. I think there is some corps passive stock manipulation secretly to try to devalue AMDs interest and business in the GPU market e.g. Nvidia, Intel, shareholders in other corps, and any other competitor. it's a fear campaign that should be ignored. It's like people getting upset that Xbox is becoming a third party and saying Xbox is dead when in fact that Microsoft Xbox is evolving to adapt with game dev budgets getting bigger.

  • Excellent video thx. I agreed with your points. AMD is not going to give up on GPUs and they have survived through much much worse times. But am really hoping Radeon would bounce back like their cpu division and give us gamers a great alternative to arrogant Nvidia

  • AMD sucks. Their products are junk. Intel/Nvidia only in all my builds.

  • I'm just excited to finally get some cheap used 4090's or 7900xtx's in 3 years when all the AI companies need to get rid of them!! I mean I'm probably still going to be playing retro games but I'm going to be doing it in 4k and 300 FPS after flashing that vbios baybeeeeee

  • One person said this and the interned did what it does best. Missinform, AMD never said anything.

  • On the flipside, there CPU base would be much higher then Intel

  • Nvidia and AMD have pushed GPUs far, and I give them credit for that. But when I have a 16 yr son who games with his buddies all the time, while using a 2060 Super or a 6650XT and not complain about game performance, why would he upgrade…just to upgrade? Especially since he doesnt have money (or me) to spend stupid amounts of money of said upgrade. Economics and need is in play these days…and if it aint broke dont fix it makes perfect sense (or ironically, cents).

  • I recently switched to an AMD GPU for the first time since 2012 and I couldn't be happier with my decision. I went from an RTX 3080 to an RX 7900 GRE after realizing I rarely play games that feature raytracing and would much prefer the extra VRAM.
    I think we've reached a point where a top-end GPU from 1-2 generations ago is still good enough for the majority of gamers, especially if they don't play at 4K. I mean, sure, a 4K 240Hz monitor would be sweet, but it's still far too expensive…never mind how expensive the GPU to drive it would be.

  • Their stock price is tanking too. But I agree with you. AMD will have to outsell NVIDIA on each GPU tier massively to win more marketshare. Being a little bit cheaper alone is not enough. Also I think GPUs are selling less coz crypto mining is ded and most people bought a GPU post pandemic now.

  • I'm not biased towards NVIDIA or AMD. I'm a high end user so basically I choose the best card for my budget

  • I think that the combination of cost and performance of modern GPU's. no one needs an ultra expensive upgrade at this time.

  • Lipstick on a Pig, AMD is doing worse because they think gaming can carry the company/GPU's. It's biting them in the rump in and they deserve it.

  • The problem is marketing. Nvidia still seen as the better brand even if AMD cards are better at the same price range. The average consumer is just braindead.

  • More like the U.S. economy is in terminal decline

  • Don't say that.
    Bought my Radeon 6700 a few months ago.
    Bluudy heck!

  • AMD makes kick ass video cards, I do not believe this BS! Now if they would go back to who they used to be and sell cards for a reasonable price they would absolutely make it big on sheer volume! They need to stop this idea they have to have absurd prices like Nvidia!

  • I'm actually worried about keeping Intel on life support. Their last 2 "generations" of CPUs have serious problems from power consumption to failures in use. I hope their Battlemage CPU makes it into discrete cards, rather than just a mobile part. I want every competitor to succeed so they keep each other honest.

  • Those old xeon videos really put you on the map. Love those old videos. Skylake HEDT is cheap now, you should do videos on that sometime.

  • Tech yes city capitalizing on AMD tears… the drivers issues and lag of FSR still plaguing amd

  • AMD keeps being extremely lazy, the start of this gen was ideal to compete with outrageous prices from NVIDIA, but no, they just decide to look at what NV is doing and slap a 15% price cut MAX, so people have to choose between NV features or a slight price cut, it will never work.
    They need to be extremely aggressive at least in the 300-400$/€ range and completely dominate one generation if they want to have a chance to get some long term market shares.

  • Maybe AMD are going to focus on APU's? Given that the performance between on board and entry level GPU's is closing fast and regardless of AMD GPU performance, they simply don't sell, I think APU's with up to mid tier GPU performance wouldn't be a bad thing. The market for high end GPU's can't be very large or profitable AMD would probably find the move improves their core business and profit margins. The market does seem increasingly indifferent to AMD's GPU's while CPU sales remain strong.

  • prices are to high after 2020 im never buying new again, got a used 3080 a year ago and gonna upgrade to 5000 when 6000 comes out im done with these corporations

  • i replaced my rx5500xt 8gb oc for ASUS Dual AMD Radeon RX 7600 V2 OC Edition for £259.99 in march. originally wanter the newer 7600XT buti had to budget and i only 1080p game. been amd gaming since ati r7 240. not had much issues with amd gpu's compared to nvidias gpus. the biggest issue for nvidia is inflation and overpriced products even though they are pretty decent gpu's. but i find AMD radeon reliable enough for a price point. even better with dgpu if you got a ryzen installed too. so far my experience with amd gpu's are stable but as people say it really depends on the drivers as they can get released very late for a Windows beta user there for breaking certain aspects of gaming or systematic operations. but seeing amd gpus failing to sell is a darn shame. wouldnt surprise me if its just AMD default cards selling worse than aftermarket. in the UK AMD gpu's are not easy to find. its really poor to search radeon cards on amazon thanks to incorrect title listings from whoever posts on amazon uk. and pc hardware stores are not as convenient on highstreets in the uk so it wouldnt surprice me it sales are worse internationally.

  • I agree that AMD/Radeon needs to work on it's power efficiency, I don't really like any of the GPU's being sold at the moment to replace my RX 6600, nVidia is more power efficient but it suffers from video frame tearing in Linux when using Xorg and has less VRAM and is over priced, and the Intel/Arc cards I do not trust to run every game, if AMD can make a GPU that has better power efficiency and some uplift in Ray-tracing I will go for that card, as i hate nVidia with a passion and as said it's video playback under Linux is a pile of horse manure

  • At one point during the FX era there were rumors flying around that AMD would be taken over either by Intel or by Nvidia, so this seems like someone just trying to grab attention. And the way you describe the Japanese consumer makes perfect sense. As an island nation Japan has always been landlocked when it comes to resources and the need for oil in the late 1940s was one of the major reasons the Empire of Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. While the politics has certainly changed since WW II, the Japanese people still would be careful about energy expense even now.

  • There is no AMD let alone for it to be in decline , Intel , AMD , remember ATI , nVidia are all one Conglomerate of companies , no one is competing . Pentax , Sony , Panasonic , Canon , Nikon DSLRs , they dont compete , they devide the market . And to explain to you what AMD does in this Conglomorate is All in one PCs , does that sound like a console , yes it does , that is why all consoles are AMD , problem now is that PS5 and X box are out and the revenue from that is lot less , hence they have a problem . First they invented Mining , now what will they do for AMD to have something to do other then Consoles i do not know , but if they do not come up with something , you will see AMD becoming ATI , just rebranded incorporated in to main company .So you will have Intel , nVidia and that is it .

  • I went thru 3 7900xt boards from Amazon that all had faulty vram problems. Made me regret it. I'm sure this is a common occurrence…

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