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Intel Humbles Nvidia

I’m so glad that Intel didn’t overprice their ARC GPUs, competition is always a good thing and this is finally a breath of fresh air for …

Title: Intel's Latest Advancements Challenge Nvidia's Dominance in AI and Gaming

In a significant move that could shake up the tech industry, Intel has unveiled its latest line of processors aimed at challenging Nvidia's long-standing dominance in artificial intelligence (AI) and gaming sectors.

The new Intel GPUs, codenamed 'Arctic Sound,' are designed to deliver superior performance in AI and machine learning tasks, areas where Nvidia has traditionally held a strong position. Intel's new architecture promises to deliver up to 50% better performance per watt compared to its previous generation, making it an attractive option for data centers and high-performance computing applications.

Moreover, Intel's new GPUs are expected to significantly improve gaming performance, another area where Nvidia has been a market leader. The new GPUs are designed to support real-time ray tracing, a technology that simulates the physical behavior of light to create more realistic graphics. This feature is currently available only on Nvidia's RTX series GPUs.

Intel's entry into the high-performance GPU market could potentially disrupt the current landscape, forcing Nvidia to respond with new products and innovations. The competition between these two tech giants is expected to benefit consumers, as it will likely lead to faster innovation and lower prices.

In a statement, Intel's CEO, Pat Gelsinger, said, "We are entering a new era of computing, and we are committed to delivering the best solutions for AI, gaming, and high-performance computing. Our new GPUs represent a significant step forward in our strategy to lead in these critical areas."

As Intel continues to invest in AI and gaming technologies, the stage is set for an exciting battle between Intel and Nvidia. With both companies boasting formidable resources and a strong track record of innovation, the outcome of this competition remains to be seen. However, one thing is certain: consumers will be the ultimate beneficiaries of this intense competition.

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  • I'm still with Nvidia
    That Arc a770 can't do much for blender or anything for that matter

  • 1 year later and the arc 770 performs as good as an rx 5700xt which is cheaper

  • Sounds like a good deal until you realize it has similar performance to the rtx 3060

  • and 1 year later… who uses intel gpus?

  • Seems like Nvidia losing the competition. Intel was pretty good at this.

  • This is great, the GPU market desperately needs more competition, because at this point, AMD and Nvidia are basically colluding in keeping prices artificially high.

  • Then Intel released the 14000 Series of CPUs which provides no performance gains.

  • I'm not buying another GPU until they can make them run at my native refresh rate tbh, all this janky ass DLSS only in some games is really annoying

  • Well uh, haha, nvidia barely even budged on this.

  • Using an A770 and it's actually really good and pretty well rounded. Excellent for video production and encoding, decent in blender, performs very well in games, and it wasn't too expensive. Pretty happy with it

  • To be fair. There is no difficulty to humble Nvidia in price/performance ratio.

  • Price gouging coming to an end.

  • 1 Yr later and we still waiting on this game changing marketbuster Intel were allegedly gonna pull out their ass

  • for 329? holy shit intel about to kick nvidias ass

  • Man, I'd love to buy the Arc A770, but unfortunately the RTX 4060 is the only half height GPU in it's performance class that isn't a Quadro. Big shame really

  • This video didn't age well. But I really hope it did. Fuck NVIDIA's monopoly

  • Nvidia Didn't just magically became a Trillion Market Cap Company there were many aspects to that


    I..m not tony stark

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