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Inside Nvidia’s New T239 Processor: The Next-Gen Tegra For Switch 2?

For several years now, Nvidia has been working on a new gaming processor codenamed T239. Derived from a Tegra chip …

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The recent rumors about Nvidia's new T239 processor have been creating quite a buzz in the gaming industry. With speculations about it being the next-gen Tegra for Switch 2, gamers and tech enthusiasts alike are eager to know more about this powerful chip. In this article, we'll delve deeper into the potential capabilities of the T239 processor and its implications for the future of gaming.

Firstly, let's look at the current state of affairs. The Nintendo Switch, which was released in 2017, is powered by the Tegra X1 processor. While it has managed to deliver impressive performance for its time, there's no denying that it's starting to show its age. With the release of more powerful consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, the Switch is beginning to feel outdated.

Enter the T239 processor. Rumored to be the successor to the Tegra X1, this chip is said to be significantly more powerful than its predecessor. It's believed to be based on the Ampere architecture, which is the same technology used in Nvidia's latest RTX 3000 series graphics cards. This means that the T239 could potentially deliver real-time ray tracing and DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) technology, both of which are currently only available on high-end PCs.

Furthermore, the T239 is rumored to have a higher clock speed and more CUDA cores than the Tegra X1. This would result in faster processing speeds and improved graphics performance, allowing for more detailed and realistic game worlds. Additionally, the chip is expected to support 8K resolution, which is four times the resolution of 4K and twice the resolution of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

However, it's important to note that these are all just rumors and speculations at this point. Nvidia has yet to officially announce the T239 processor or its capabilities. That being said, the potential implications of this chip for the Switch 2 are exciting. With such powerful hardware, the Switch 2 could potentially rival even the most powerful consoles on the market.

See video for more information

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  • 1440p@30fps with all settings at optimized medium settings can still deliver pretty pleasing visual fidelity and overall performance for what switch 2 has under the hood to work tbh.

  • Jesus Christ, i haven't even fully played Switch 1 :/

  • Can you try with boosted frequency rtx 2050 test modern AAA titals atleast trying
    For switch 2 capabilities
    I'm so excited for release

  • It has to do better than the steam deck or have amazing exclusives.

  • 或許未來會有兩種模式?插電模式全速達到3050效能,能用dlss達4k效果,而長機移動模式tdp和頻率降下變回800p模式?
    Is there a future model with two kinds of models?Electronic model full speed delivery up to 3050 effect, functional DLSS up to 4K effect, and long machine movement model TDP sum frequency drop change times 800p model?

  • 30 fps is an instant no-buy in 2024.

  • If the rumors are true about significant improvements in original Switch games on Nintendo's next console..Could Nvidia have a scaled but custom version of RTX Remix for devs?

  • Лол, всё еще слабое железо уровня 2020 года, оно никакие современные игры не запустит, будь там хоть Dlss 3.0😂😂😂
    Ну и да, никому не нужная компания с ее никому не нужными играми и консолями. Как там Spider Man 2 идёт у вас? А GTA5? А RDR2? А Cyberpunk 2077?

  • Having gone back and watched this again, I begin to wonder if they might somehow put the Deep Learning Accelerator in a 4K Dock, thereby allowing them to sell two models (1080p and 4K) at different price points.

  • Still won't buy another Nintendo product. Terrible company that hates it's customers.

  • Whatever internal specs, switch2 needs both a physical mute button and hold toggle! Change my mind!

  • Just use a 4090 and strap a screen and controller 🤣

  • It's written as NVIDIA, all upper case letters, just like AMD.

  • Ampere is very old news, the same tier chip of the 4000 series is what nintendo should aim for, insane power efficiency and performance lift up from Ampere, DLSS and FrameGen is a must for longevity.

  • The most interesting part is that this is the T239 down locked to 750MHz. I wonder what the switch 2 will be capable of doing in docked mode, when it can use the full power of the chip.

  • I like the idea of the Switch 2 having a fast loading feature (and i think it should) i question if it will. The steam deck has shown that having a micro sd card with last-gen esk hardware can give us good results but it cannot keep up with ps5 in terms of load times, even with the internal ssd it does not quite work. I dont see nintendo going through the trouble to get that working.

  • Well considering it's been 6 months since this came out, I'm pretty confident Nintendo will use this old ass hardware for it's next system. As is tradition.

  • I want to first say I’m not a tech nerd in anyway. I’m trying to understand more about what the specs indicate.

    Correct me if I’m wrong. Why would you use 12GB of RAM for an 8 ARM processor when it only requires 8GB of ram? Nintendo does its best to be cost efficient so why install an unnecessary amount of RAM for this processor? My guess would be that custom chip is closer to the T234 but for mobile devices right?

  • Since it's now known to be a custom version of this chip, it'd be safe to either add or subtract 25% to these total numbers. Plus I'm sure they've got some crazy DLSS/Ray tracing chip upgrade in there to make it all work

  • Another great video as always. I’m just an idiot when it dlss . If I have a 4K monitor RTX 4080. Do I set the monitors resolution at 4K then DLSS and then pick one of the independent performance or ultra it will scale from the lowest resolution to 4K at performance mode and 1440 4K at ultra is this how it supposed to work? It’s always confused me.

  • I how this doesn't result in even more developers leaning on DLSS as a crutch.

  • i wonder what this means for emulators? will switch emulators just play switch 2 games?

  • i really hope this soc or its variant, makes its way to the new Nvidia ShieldTV since the current X1/X1+ chip used in all ShieldTV editions(2015-2019) is already 9 years old and could use an upgrade(hopefully one with at least 8gb of ram). I have 4 different shields in my house and they are showing their age. Although can still easily play any media format and android games – even my 2019 Shield Pro(best and newest Shield that exists) is suffering from only having 3gb of ram

  • Wow switch 2 gonna be so exciting! We expecting it to be around the performance of an underclocked 2050! Wow!

  • Update: the storage solution has been leaked the info is that Samsung's 5th Generation V-NAND memory is being used for both the cartridges' SDHC and the internal SDD or HDD unsure at the moment. Up to 256GB capacity with speeds of 1.6 GBPS. This is 5 times what you need to run a 4K video. Samsung is also providing the QLED display.

  • ❤ Switch SOC Tegra X1 finalised at the end of 2014 & released in early 2017 (it's got limitations likes Cpu & Gpu frequency are downclock, 4x A53 Cpu disable & it's not customised). That's 2+ years.
    Meanwhile, Switch 2 SOC "Tegra T239" finalised at the end of 2022 (as per rumour) & will be releasing in early 2025 (full clock frequency, enables full Cpu cores & heavily customised). Also same 2+ years ❤

  • I'm thinking/hoping that this old video serves as a worse case scenario. I know that on the cpu side the ARM A78 offers a significant leap in ipc over the A57 cores in the Switch.
    The A78 has a base of 2.4ghz and boosts to 3.3ghz. I'm sure that the Switch 2 will aim for much lower bounds. Even a 2x of the Switch's 1.02ghz clock, 2x the cores (3x if all 12 are used)
    will be a huge boon. …I'd imagine the 4K talk has to do with Switch 2 being docked since there's so much more headroom this time around. If the cpu can stay above 2.4ghz in a phone
    and hit 3.3ghz in a tablet, a dock with suitable cooling should allow for decent sustained clocks. Ditto for the gpu portion. On 8nm a 3050m at 1343mhz (full clock) consumes just 45w.

  • So which dev leaked this to Rich is the question???

  • Fantastic information, though optimisation around the console spec is everything. So, just like how the Switch is similarly powerful to an Xbox 360 but has PS4 games running amazingly well in many instances, you can safely better that the Switch 2 will have stuff that looks like a PS5 or Xbox Series X game, unless you know to look for the hundreds of tricks they've had to use to get it there. Which, is fine, there's nothing wrong with a few tricks/techniques to get something there.

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