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I’m Switching to AMD – AMD GPU Challenge Part 1

Thank you Seasonic for making today’s video possible. Check out their Prime TX 1000 Power Supply at It’s …

amd latest gpu

Title: "AMD Gains Momentum: User Switches from Nvidia to AMD GPU in Challenging Test"

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, a significant shift is underway as a tech enthusiast decides to make the switch from Nvidia to AMD GPUs. This move, detailed in the first part of the AMD GPU Challenge, highlights the growing competitiveness of AMD in the graphics processing unit (GPU) market, traditionally dominated by Nvidia.

The user, known for his meticulous approach to testing hardware, puts AMD's latest offering, the Radeon RX 6800 XT, to the test against Nvidia's RTX 3080. The results, while preliminary, suggest that AMD is closing the performance gap with Nvidia, offering a viable alternative for gamers and professionals alike.

This shift is particularly noteworthy given the ongoing global semiconductor shortage, which has impacted the production and availability of GPUs from both manufacturers. However, AMD seems to be managing the situation effectively, ensuring a steady supply of its latest GPUs, a factor that could potentially sway consumers towards their products.

As the AMD GPU Challenge continues, tech enthusiasts and industry insiders will be closely watching the results. This shift could signal a new era in the GPU market, with AMD challenging Nvidia's long-standing dominance. Stay tuned for updates as the battle heats up.

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  • Are you guys team AMD or team Nvidia? Let us know down below!

  • This video really could've been done in under 10 minutes, what a waste of time

  • Switched to AMD a few days ago….550 for the 7900GRE gets me closer to flagship than I've been in years!

  • I don't care about nvidia or amd, I always buy both now, then I throw the slowest one, sadly it's often AMD.

  • rtx 3090 is like 550$ used in my country – very tempting

  • I dunno, they’re forgetting about Moore threads as the fourth competitor in the gpu space

  • I'd love to go AMD again. They just need to step up their game. Last time I had an AMD gpu it was dual 7770s in SLI. It was ok. Then I got a GTX980 10 years ago and thats been holding strong. It was the 1st top tier card I ever got. Def got my money's worth. I just upgraded to a 4080 super and its a big(in more ways than 1!)upgrade. I hope it keeps running games as well as my 980 did . Hope to get 10 years out of this one as well!

  • I will say it is heartening to see that even these guys had issues with the size of these cards my 7800xt literally stretches the entire length of my case lol

  • I say f Nvidia and there 8 gb 4060. I bought 6750 xt it was 10 dollar more I say 10 well spent….

  • As a person who just uses whatever I can find cheap. I can say I love both NIVIDA and AMD.

  • Shit like this is why I don't like to update anything
    I'm not as likely getting hit by that like one security vuln or some exploit I am not a company. I am however highly likely as end user to have some stupid install corruption, bug, or deal with dumb update problems in games. God help you if its BIOS jesus Christ you know Dell does remote BIOS updates like it's Windows???

  • how is this a challenge, have rocked amd for the last 10 years, no issues. their igpus are insane aswell, you can have hardware RAYTRACING in an office laptop now.

  • IMO the 7800XT is the best value for money of this generation

  • He could have just flipped that bracket over for the water pump.

  • Back in the day you were not considered a serious PC gamer if you did not have a Radeon. I switch to a 7900 xtx and have not looked back. Not one problem with the card. Typical problems with new games and mandated driver updates. This is key for any AMD GPU user out there. Install the DRIVER ONLY. The AMD program that comes with the driver is trash. It will cause issues.

  • Linus + Windows =/= Working computer

  • Linus “Buy a Radeon GPU, it’s the best bang for your buck”
    Also Linus “I’m only going to be using this GPU for 30 days!”

    Like, if you’re gonna preach, practice

  • I wish I was able to throw things at my boss – '' Catch this Network Switch'' hahaha classic!

  • Every problem in this video was not the gpu's fault lol

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