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I’m Buying AMD Over Nvidia Stock in 2024 (Here’s Why)

amd stock is setting up for a great 2024 and might even be a better buy than #nvidia ( #nvda stock ). Before the next AMD …

Title: Why AMD Stock is a Better Bet Than Nvidia in 2024

In the rapidly evolving tech landscape of 2024, AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) is poised to outshine Nvidia in terms of stock performance, according to recent market analysis.

The reasoning behind this prediction revolves around AMD's strategic focus on diversifying its product portfolio and strengthening its market position. AMD's aggressive investment in CPU and GPU technologies, coupled with its successful entry into the server market, is expected to yield significant returns.

On the other hand, Nvidia, while maintaining its dominance in the GPU market, has been criticized for its reliance on a single product line. This one-dimensional approach, coupled with increased competition from AMD and other tech giants, could potentially limit Nvidia's growth in the coming years.

Moreover, AMD's recent partnerships and collaborations, such as its strategic alliance with Microsoft for Azure cloud services, further bolster its prospects. These strategic moves are expected to contribute to AMD's growth and profitability, making it a more attractive investment option compared to Nvidia.

In conclusion, while both AMD and Nvidia continue to innovate and shape the tech industry, AMD's strategic diversification and partnerships make it a more compelling investment choice for 2024. However, as with any investment, it's crucial to conduct thorough research and consider all factors before making a decision.

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  • Honest format very informative analysis. I followed and liked!

  • until i see their benchmarks surpass nvidia in gpus and surpass intel in cpus , i will consider them, based on their history (big words always nothing real)

  • You say that Nvidia will have production limitations and won't be able to keep up with demand. But AMD uses the same manufacturer – TSMC, so it will have even more problems with production

  • This title contradicts most of your videos that came after…

  • Lmao 😅😂 No Sir i am strictly Nvidia and Smci all the way up 🙌😎👍

  • I’m surprised you haven’t taken this down. I’d be so embarrassed 😂😂😂

  • I mostly bought NVDIA, but also have AMD, INtel just to ensure I'm all in on this AI boom.

  • AMD Down 19.3% over the last 3 months. NVDA up 46% over the same time. OUCH! I own NVDA, FBCG, SMH, QTEC, and QQQ.

  • have a portfolio that includes both AMD and Nvidia, you can't go wrong.

  • AMD mostly copies. I'm not sure. Still a good insight.

  • Yikes on this decision!

  • Nobody uses AMD because NVDA's software is way better.

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