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I TRIED using Radeon 7900XT GPU As a Creator… It LASTED a …

Used the AMD Radeon 7900XT GPU as a creator, but switched back to NVIDIA, here’s why! Sponsored Message: whokeys 25% …

amd latest gpu

Title: "Exploring the Durability of Radeon 7900XT GPU for Content Creation: A Real-World Test"

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the durability and performance of graphics processing units (GPUs) have become a topic of great interest, especially for content creators. A recent real-world test of the Radeon 7900XT GPU, a model that has been around for several years, sheds light on its longevity and capabilities in the creative sphere.

The test, conducted by a renowned tech influencer, aimed to assess the performance of the Radeon 7900XT GPU in contemporary content creation tasks. The results were surprising, as the GPU held its own against more modern counterparts, demonstrating that it is still a viable option for creators on a budget.

The Radeon 7900XT GPU, despite its age, proved to be a robust and reliable tool for tasks such as video editing, 3D modeling, and graphic design. It handled these tasks with efficiency, albeit not at the same speed as newer GPUs. However, for creators working on less demanding projects or with a tighter budget, the Radeon 7900XT GPU could be an excellent choice.

This test serves as a reminder that not all older technology is obsolete. The Radeon 7900XT GPU, while not the fastest on the market, continues to offer value for content creators, especially in the context of the current economic climate where budget constraints are more prevalent.

In conclusion, the Radeon 7900XT GPU, despite its age, is still a viable option for content creators. Its durability and performance make it a cost-effective choice for those working on less demanding projects. This real-world test provides valuable insights for creators seeking to optimize their hardware investments.

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  • its called monopol, and nvidia paying to campanies for not supporting amd

  • Let me preface this by saying I own 3 AMD and 3 Nvidia GPU's right now. I never experience any issues on my AMD GPU's. I edit near daily on my rig, and even after knocking 2 capacitors clean off my 7800xt, it still pumps out edits just fine. Thought it'd be worse, but it only had issues for a day, then just started working properly again. Nvidia on the other hand have cause me nothing but headaches. Drivers never function as advertised. Settings not sticking, non stop bluescreens/DDU reinstalls due to unstable drivers, multiple different mis matching menu's, low vram causing horrible performance when rendering videos, awful frametime drops in multitudes of games. The list just keeps going. AMD is the new goat in my book and I'll a card from every generation they release, till they show me they don't care either.

  • I Just tought One thing, why you didn't try installing amd pro drivers which are made exactly for the best stability.

  • Honestly if you are in the creative workspace and do it professionally then you should have the supporting hardware. You are comparing 2 gaming graphics cards that a primarily designed for gaming and some streaming. The drivers aren’t built for this type of work. You would have to show how Quadro and Radeon Pro stack up. A cheap radeon pro or quadro could very easily blow most high end gaming cards out of the water in most creative applications. Also not just talking about video editing. I do cad work on the side as part of my 3d printing business.

  • It’s weird when someone switches with any gpu it goes wrong or find problems. Feels like it needs to be investigated.

  • As an nVidia user I couldn't care less for AMD cards, but I think these instability issues you're experiencing may not be related to AMD but to card manufacturer. ASUS lately has tendency to make crappy products that just don't work and charge you for a repair of their own fuckup.

    You should have tried another 7900XT from another manufacturer and than if this one had the same issues…only then… you blame AMD…

  • AMD GPUs works better on mac PCs than windows PCs

  • I've had used Radeon HD 6000 series gpus in the past. That was my first and last AMD gpu. Never ever switching back to AMD again!

  • Heeey , PLZZ Can we use x76003xd CPU + RX 7900 XT GPU with (MSI MPG B650 edge WiFi gaming) or (X670E) motherboard ??

  • It would be interesting if you can try the W series pro cards. Those are designed for the application.

  • Sounds like Ram related issues more than the new GPU, could be the ram is dual ranked you are using 4 sticks those can strain the imc.

  • With Windows PCs the life is a endless stress. Buy a Mac and you will have 0 issues. No Bios issues, no drivers issues, no compatibility between hardware issues…With a Mac you will spend you time creating. With a Windows PC you will spend most of your time finding solutions for endless issues.

  • Have you ever tried Radeon pro W7900 48GB for editing? And how was experience compared with rtx 4090 forexample? 4090 is 2 times cheaper also.

  • you need to update Bios and remove old drivers

    Ive had all these problems but a bios update Fixed all of it

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