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HW News – Major Windows Privacy Concerns, Noctua’s “New” Fan, AMD Epyc in AM5 Desktops

Sponsor: Montech King 95 Pro on Amazon This news episode talks about Microsoft’s new “Windows Recall” …


Title: Addressing Windows Privacy Concerns and Noctua's New Cooling Solution

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, two significant developments have caught the attention of tech enthusiasts: the ongoing privacy concerns surrounding Windows and the introduction of Noctua's latest cooling solution.

Microsoft's Windows operating system has been under scrutiny due to privacy concerns. A recent report revealed that Windows 10 sends user data to Microsoft, raising questions about user privacy. While Microsoft maintains that the data is anonymized and used to improve the system, many users remain concerned about the extent of data collection. The debate highlights the need for transparency and control over personal data, prompting discussions about privacy policies and user consent.

Meanwhile, in the realm of hardware, Austrian cooling solutions manufacturer Noctua has unveiled its latest fan, the NF-A12x25. This fan promises improved performance and quiet operation, making it an attractive option for PC builders seeking to optimize their systems for both cooling efficiency and acoustic comfort. The NF-A12x25 is a testament to Noctua's commitment to innovation and quality, further solid

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  • 26:19 Yeah, video editing is a bit of a pain point on Linux, the biggest video editing tool that works on the platform is DaVinci Resolve, which is really powerful, and no luck when it comes to Premiere Pro (although there are ways to use a fairly recent version of Photoshop and Illustrator through less-than-legal means).

    That said, GN as a company investing their time and work into Linux as a platform would most certainly be appreciated, as it could help the development and improvement of benchmarking and profiling tools, so even if it were to be deployed only on some machines, it would be absolutely amazing if you do so!

  • windows recall will actually be an incredibly helpful feature

    the concerns of laptop being stolen or being hacked or stepping away from computer are stupid because in those scenarios… ur already in trouble without windows recall existing, and the idea that someone will scroll through a billion images to find something useful on u when they ALREADY have access to ur computer is laughable, this feature introduces literally zero problems because if ur already being hacked or already being spied on by malicious software.. how does this feature make it worse

    its stupid and ur stupid for instantly hating on it without realizing the massive massive massive benefits

  • You should start to test games on Linux in your testing now.
    People are going to switch in much larger numbers over this.

  • The toggle doesn't disable it. You have to go into Group Policy and make the change there.

  • Imagine adding useless features for anyone who knows how to organize their work, instead of making a usable OS.

  • Companies frequently working under NDA, security certification or security clearance are going to love Windows Recall. Absolutely LOVE it! :-/

  • Is the seeing into the future 1000Mhz just long enough for me to buy a lottery ticket before closing time to get the mega jackpot winner ??? LOL

  • the 12HPW GPU cable, not just the cable, the video card components fail, more specifically, the FAN SENSORS many brands cant handle it and fail, the GPU works but the cheap fan sensors fail, the video card will over heat and shut down unless you manually are running the fans 100% all the time, any AUTO or Curve based fan settings in various fan controller software's out their stop working, so crashes are due to this effect.

    Ive literally seen many many 1000s of video cards crash all due to faulty fan sensors with the higher power new cards require.

    Im sure many have go blank screen and then they hear the fans on the GPU spin up to max speed. This is the fan sensors failing. the GPU will work and reboot, but it will keep over heating as the software controllers many run on today, are no longer working with the fan sensors to control them from quiet mode to loud. The 12vhpw cables FRY many of the CHEAP fan sensors on GPU' many gpu brands since many use the same sensors OEMed to them, this is one of the major causes of why folks get crashes in games. the fan sensors no longer work, so the GPU will just keep heating up to a point it will just shut down to fail safe it.

  • What is the reasoning for not wanting ANY details from people that havent suffered a power cable/connector failure? Isnt the data more useful if you have that context? For example, I have a 4090 Suprim X Liquid, and ive used the stock pigtail, an adapter, and two 3rd party native 12-pin connectors (one from Amazon, one that came with my new PSU), and have had no issues and Ive had the card since launch day. I would think that data would be useful, since if there are 10k people with my same experience of no issues, that would give context to if 50 people with the same GPU report having had issues. It goes from "holy shit, 50 people with that specific GPU had the connector issue!" to "only 0.5% of 4090 Suprim X Liquid owners have seen any failures."

  • lolz i dont even have that menu in the Winsettings 😛 aah well maybe because i dont got 24H2 yet 😀

  • Try the following: new word document; type voodoo magic; enjoy ads for esoteric / spiritual / voodoo related stuff. What really pissed me off was: I don't have anything to do with esoteric stuff. It was just a one time joke. In word. So much for confidential documents.

  • nice move. buy others and make them obsolete. like all other the big players. you are no better. just read this part again and understand ^^.

  • Linux isn't an never will be perfect, but at least when it sucks it isn't on purpose like modern commercial software products/services.

  • I remember when IGN was Gamesages

  • 19:47 "Fortnite 62.12 -> 87.3 fps" is +28%? Good job MSI, you played yourself!

  • Do it! Go full Linux. You know you want to.

  • Fun fact .. in the era of CRT i could easily see the 60hz ones.. so i really don't know what to say about the eye seeing only 24fps

  • The Adobe suite is not available on Linux. All of those software have open source alternatives. Of course some specific features might not be available or not be as well optimized.
    When switching to Linux, it is important to be ready to explore open source alternative to the software you usually use. If you are not ready to do that, the switch will probably not be a good experience.
    The only exception is gaming. With WINE and Proton, it has become extremely easy to run those Windows "only" software on Linux, sometimes better than on Windows.

  • Conglomerates suck. Form submitted.👍🤠🇦🇺

  • The whole United States has become a huge privacy concern and a complete joke to be quite frank.

  • A lot of those tech review sites are so very very very very very overfull of ads – They are almost impossible to view effectively without a good ad blocker.

  • For 100 dollars, I can buy huge table fan, or floor fan. Actually probably 3 of those. So the price is actually insane.

  • The history on where that 24fps number comes from is actually interesting in regards to how far removed it is from actual display technology.

  • Once again, a new Microsoft "feature" I will want to immediately and permanently disable.

  • I'm actually avoiding 12pin. Not because I find it unsafe.. but because I think it was just stupid idea to make that to begin with. It was not needed. So I won't touch it unless it's the only choice left.

  • hey yeah ive been running vega56 then 1080 ti for a couple years and no power cable failure

  • Can't believe you didn't transition with 'speaking of improving claws…'

  • Between the "Ai PC" and the Windows Recall "feature", (how could I have lived without that!) I'm finally satisfied that we will soon be living in a kind of total spyware nightmare that will be completely normalised and the concept of Privacy will be dissolved entirely.

  • Imo Microsoft has been the biggest push for linux in a long while for me, about 6 months ago i gave linux a first try, and settled with Fedora (Using Nobara before), most of my friends are on EndeavourOS which is a fairly new but very popular distro, i tried it in a vm and can confirm it's great, Microsoft really made windows so freaking despicable that it actually becomes hard to switch back to windows and get an enjoyable experience, and linux is REALLY improving fast on the desktop usage especially if you use KDE or Gnome as your desktop environement.

    Still, trying linux requires quite a bit of involvement, but i think it's absolutely reachable by most relatively tech savy users.

    I even considered making a guide myself on how to slowly transition from windows to linux in a month two to make the switch easier for most people.

  • Windows Recall alone has convinced me to go full Linux on my main rig once W10 hits hard EoL. I'll keep W10 as a VM for a few things, or maybe on a separate machine if I do the whole Ameliorated PlayBook thing. My laptop came with W11 and I signed into my M$ account long enough to boot into the bios and turn off secure boot and install MX Linux

  • Adobe has no support for Linux, not even in Wine. Black Magic DaVinci Resolve and Lightworks each runs native though. Both have been used – on Linux – to make Hollywood movies. Lightworks was used on OpenSuse to make The Wolf Of Wall Street, FWIW. Both have also been used on Windows or Mac (cross platform FTW) to make commercial films, TV shows, adverts, et al.
    Personally, my fiancee and I both just use KdenLive, on Windows and Linux. 🤷‍♂

  • The air guide for Noctua would probably be great to put on some intake fans tbh, especially the one aimed at the CPU cooler if you have a tower cooler.

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