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HW News – Intel Battlemage Handheld, AMD RDNA5 GPU Rumors (Already), NVIDIA Handheld

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Title: Intel's Battlemage Handheld and AMD's RDNA5 GPU Rumors: A New Era for Portable Gaming

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, two giants in the semiconductor industry, Intel and AMD, are making waves in the portable gaming sector.

Intel, known for its dominance in the desktop and laptop markets, is reportedly working on a handheld gaming device named Battlemage. This device, according to recent reports, will be powered by Intel's upcoming mobile Xe graphics architecture, promising a significant leap in portable gaming performance. The Battlemage is expected to challenge the current market leaders, such as Nintendo's Switch and Valve's Steam Deck, by offering a more powerful and versatile gaming experience in a compact form factor.

Meanwhile, AMD, a major competitor to Intel, is rumored to be developing its next-generation RDNA5 graphics processing unit (GPU). If these rumors are true, the RDNA5 could potentially outperform the current RDNA2 GPUs, powering not only high-end desktop and laptop systems but also future handheld devices. This could mean a more competitive landscape for portable gaming, as AMD might offer an attractive alternative to the established players.

The potential entry of Intel and AMD into the handheld gaming market, along with the rumored advancements in their respective GPUs, signals a new era for portable gaming. With these companies' resources and expertise, we might soon see handheld devices that can rival or even surpass the performance of current high-end gaming consoles.

As always, these are just rumors and speculations at this point. However, the potential for innovation and competition in the portable gaming market is undeniably exciting. Stay tuned for more updates as these stories develop.

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  • You know what would be funny, a handheld with a Snapdragon X Elite and Intel Battlemage GPU.

  • All of these suppliers suddenly flooding the market (handheld) is going to diminish the demand. It's always been there, but I think Valve ticked every right box with choice of hardware and software. And at this point, I won't choose any windows. Every battery powered widget I have lasts remarkably longer on Linux. 99kwh gaming laptop 2 hrs vs 14, hp tablet 3 vs 18, etc.

  • Name change so from RX to RT (like Ray Tracig) or they go backward again to P like PT XXXX (Patch Tracing). Or get extra X (more x is better like XFX RX7900 XTX XXX) to XRX 9000 (over 9000 meme)? ;D New name decode diagram like for mobile parts they did? They prewous have X before numbers Like Radeon X1950.
    Or they add AI so RX to RI (Like MI200) for Ray tracing AI/Radeon AI Games GPU: RI 100 (segmented like RI 130 low profile card, RI 150 budget, RI 160, RI 170, RI180, RI 190).

  • It's just a name who cares" – Lawyers care. A lot actually. so much so they will spend hours arguing over things.
    Coming soon the AMD Steve GN-X3000

  • I was thinking four elephants was a disc world reference. πŸ˜…

  • Tha Joystick is awesome!

  • Really want Intel to make a good product for Battlemage. I have been holding off upgrading my Wife's 5700XT because I want to see how Battlemage performs. If it isn't good then I will go AMD for her. But if it is good…I will buy one immediately

  • Its interesting that soon nvidia amd and intel will all have cpu and gpu and handheld, pretty crazy stuff

  • RX succeeded R9 so it's clearly "arr ten"

  • seams like to me nvidia is creating overcapacity. they should be sancioned

  • The more you buy, the less money you have. Or was it the more you buy, the more you get suckered into AI hype? I keep forgetting the quote.

  • 11-inch gaming handheld? No, that's a tablet with a controller attached.
    It's NOT a handheld. It's a lapheld.

  • Haters gonna hate. Nvidia blows away all rivals. Expensive? Yes. The best? Absolutely.

  • I have to say the ByoWave controller looks really cool, be a lot of fun to play around with.

  • what keeps the controller from falling apeart from the slightest gamer grip or twist

  • TSMC employee here for the AZ site. I have a game degree and being a tool engineer now, this industry is absolutely incredible.

  • but can the switch 2 play gta 6? thats the big question. any new hardware coming out will need to at least run that cuz thats the game everyone will play for the next 10 years

  • Okay so Nvidia and MediaTek can just "magically" get a chip going in a FEW months and then "magically" get said chip out sometime next year. Okay guys…./s. I don't believe that rumor at all. No other leakers have said anything serious on Nvidia and ARM and personal computer. Nvidia is NOT a deity and they are FAR overvalued, thus it will be nice when AI pops and so does Nvidia, back to earth.

  • Most LED boards are made in China, which are in almost everything that emits light these days.

  • Some of those "bots" you banned in under a minutes was me and my freinds from yesterday,

  • ASUS EEE PC IS BACK! Netbooks rebranded into handhelds back in the game with Intel Battlemage!!!

  • I just ordered your screw drivers. I'm so, so tired of bits! I've owned Linus's bit and others, and the true fallacy is in keeping the bits!, and magnetism. The drivers bits need a case or receptacle, bigger than the head, which creates clearance issues . The magnetism and strength, create other issues. I have arthritis, I prefer an electric solution, but I have found none that really work every time. I hope, if not perfect, these drivers will be more reliable, an all in one solution. I really want Jayce's electric screw driver, but whatever!…. I own about half of what you sell and I love the quality. Take care from an old timer!

  • As far as I have been concerned after repeatedly reviewing every GPU AMD / ATI ever made is that the RX / RDNA series or anything after Vega and VII with out HBM on it has been mid tier cards at best in the same bracket as all the Polaris stuff. Essentially the 5xxx, 6xxx and 7xxx cards were merely modernized Polaris replacements. If you purchase one of those GPU's and it doesn't have a 9 as the second number you are buying a lower end mid tier offering… Still waiting for the next Radeon VII but preferably with out the hardware level bugs and dropped support.

  • AMD could change the GPU class to REForce

  • I hope the new GPUs can do 4k @ 1000hz i’m tired of these measly performance improvements stop the milking

  • If you can check that Byowave controller. Can’t be worse than the Stadia one right?….

  • I'm still on RDNA2 lmao
    On the take of AMD naming schemes….
    "FX? No, FX. What about HD? OH! You mean the other HD."

  • 4 elephants 1 gpu is a sentence that I was not expecting to hear today

    Intel should get in on this

    24 cores 1 cup

  • Everything I have seen foreign investment and manufacturing is fleeing China at a rapid pace with much going to SE Asia and India.
    China's economy is declining at a pretty rapid pace.

  • GamersNexus might not want to get political but I do. There is a runor going around now that China plans to invade Taiwan in June. I really cant phathom what effect that will have on thr world. All digital good will double if not triple in price across industries.

  • Really obvious how Steve tries to choose his words carefully when talking about China/Taiwan.

  • these one hand controllers are good for the eroge, that's it

  • The Intel portables the claw and X1 have all that bios and drivers updates that "fix" issues, but given your AMD bias it's not surprising that you've made the comments you have. I personally don't rely on one source for information, so it doesn't matter to me as you guys are in the same category as Tom and his rumor mill. If AMD was doing so well, why don't they have at least 50 percent of one market they are in?



  • yay higher prices for pc parts, my favorite

  • please for the love of god Steve stop with the unfunny reddit-tier jokes
    you're not funny
    you are a pc tech youtuber not a comedian

  • That Proteus controller is definitely interesting. Different ways of playing depending on preferences. I always wanted a left handed controller with right hand on the mouse, the best of both world.

  • new competitor in the gpu market is always welcome , i hope intel is somewhat competitive to nvidia

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