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Grim Days for AMD GPUs… – Tech News May 5

Grim Days for AMD GPUs… – Tech News May 5 ▷ MY STORE – shirts, pint glasses & hoodies: …

amd next gen gpu

Title: AMD GPU Market Struggles Amidst Competitive Landscape Shift

In the dynamic world of technology, AMD's Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) sector is facing challenging times, according to a recent report. The news, 'Grim Days for AMD GPUs… Tech News May 5', sheds light on the intensifying competition in the GPU market, particularly from Nvidia, which has been making significant strides.

The report suggests that AMD's GPU market share has been dwindling, a stark contrast to the growth experienced by Nvidia. This development is significant, given the ongoing technological advancements and the increasing demand for high-performance GPUs in areas such as gaming, data centers, and artificial intelligence.

While AMD has been making efforts to compete, including the launch of its Radeon RX 6000 series, the company seems to be playing catch-up. The new information provided in the report underscores the need for AMD to innovate and adapt more quickly to maintain its position in the market.

In conclusion, the 'Grim Days for AMD GPUs… Tech News May 5' article highlights a crucial shift in the GPU market, with Nvidia gaining ground against AMD. This development is relevant to tech enthusiasts, investors, and industry professionals who are keen to stay updated on the latest trends and market dynamics.

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  • maybe if amd quit trying to be nivida. stop chasing the top gpu from nivida and price them the same. do what you did with the 590 give us a decent card at a decent price. i relly dunno why the gpu side of amd beats the dead horse. when the cpu side quit trying to be intel look what happned there.

  • EK is a private company. So there is no implosion coming.

    Just another BS drama from GN staining an average journalist work, as usual.

    All EK will do now is replace the leadership and try to solve the problem. They will hurt a little, but everything will be forgotten in 6 months, as usual.

  • There is nothing wrong with AMD GPUs. They offer decent hardware for a reasonable price. The problem is with consumers, who are largely as thick as shit and have been brainwashed into Nvidia, despite melting hardware. Besides, AMD plays much nicer with Linux. Who the hell uses Windows anymore?

  • Where there any good days for AMD GPUs since the rx 480?

  • bought a 4080 for $700, the seller bought it express from China for $900, it's crazy that even after importing fees he probably saved $200. At this rate I will probably never buy a new Nvidia GPU.

  • I just upgraded to a 7900xt, first AMD GPU I’ve owned in 15+ years and I was shocked just how feature complete the adrenaline software is. Definitely better than Nvidias.

  • Does anyone even use raytracing in games?
    I used to use it sometimes in 3D animation (Maya and Max) back in the day when it was only supported by cpu's… and slow ones at that. My demo reel (2001) took 40min to render one frame with raytracing. Lol
    Dual Pentium 2, 400Mhz FTW!😂👍🇦🇺

  • I honestly feel the lower sales are because of the economy… I am making tripple what I was ten years ago, but can't even afford half of what I did from ten years ago. I cant even afford to budget for a console these days.

  • Now remember: Reddit and its sycophants at pcmr and pcgaming EXPLICITLY told ALL new and uninformed hobbyists to buy AMD. Do you think those were actual people trying to help you? Or do you think it was marketing?

  • Surprised you jumped on the bandwagon. Why didn’t you report on NVIDIA GPU sales dropping 38%? The situation has nothing to do with AMD vs Nvidia

  • The AI 9 HX 170 “Strix Point” APU has an AMD RX 880M with 16 CU. That has the graphical ability of an RX 580 or ALMOST the Nvidia GTX 1660. 😲

  • Why do the "geniuses" in these multi billion dollar companies keep overlooking the fact, that, your item isn't selling because of its features. Its because our money supply is drying up. Ffs AMD. Accept that fact and chill for a moment.

  • I'm using a Sapphire RX 580 8gb and it chomps through large 4k videos before I can finish putting sugar in my tea.

  • I enjoy Paul's pivot to becoming the "snarky one".

  • AMD hasn't bothered to compete with Nvidia on any serious level especially in the higher end of the market for about a decade. They have kept relying on being the "cheaper" option with performance to match and calling it "value" something that their media shills and fan boys have all but enshrined.
    The problem is that for GPU's, performance is value so especially when times are tight customers are going to invest in the biggest badest card they can afford and expect to keep it for a while because they can't afford to carrot chase as is the case with AMD's GPU line has been since the failure of Vega.

    I really hope that AMD eventually gets serious in their GPU's again because they play as an important counterweight to Nvidia who at this point is running the market free and clear and can do anything they want at almost any price.

  • Sony backtracked on the HD2 linking requirements. Just waiting for that to show on the Steam store page.

  • Amd sucks. It will always be what you get if you cant afford an nvidia. The amd apus though are almost good enough to not need a video card anymore. I could care less about gaming in 1440p or 4k.

  • their competition is needed….but reviewers dump on AMD at every chance they get, then wonder why there's not enough competition and why NVidia is so expensive……

  • Love seeing your videos. Every time I see your videos I feel more informed . Looking forward to the days of seeing you making happy videos like Steve aka gamers nexus 😊

  • I picked up a 6950XT Reference Card at a discount for my Debian gaming PC and it's been incredible. I'm a 1440p gamer and with a 5800x3d this is still a beastly machine in 2024. Plus the Linux support is just so far and away superior to what Nvidia is doing. I can actually run Wayland and game with AMD with literally zero configuration effort.

  • last year many ppl consider its players fault that the cable is melting even nvidia updated the port to h++.

  • I love AMD Ryzen CPUs but their GPU performance was always behind team green. On the hardware sheet, it seems it should compete so I think it's more on the driver development. I finally bought a GPU from them, RX 6800. The 6000 series are going on a fire sale. I got it for 299 on Newegg. I figured it'd be fun just to mess with it using FSR

  • Maybe if AMD didn’t blow ass with their drivers people would buy them.

  • AMD wants to be nvidia but failed. At this point I would rather buy intel.

  • I'm actually glad I've been falling out of love with gaming for some time now. The idea of absolutely wanting to play some recent AAA release but having to spend 300€ on a new GPU to even play it in 1080p is ridiculous to me. I bought my RX570 for 150€ in 2019 and the way things are going, I might take it to the grave xD

  • Can't wait to see the Green team fans cough up $2500+ RTX 5090 or $1800+ for The RTX 5080. loyalty has it perks i guess.. LMAO

  • I'm so so glad that I kept my MSI 3090 instead of selling it. The 4090's sound like they have some major issues.

  • Amd fine 4090w rough power figures for half price had nvidia and prfer my 7900xtx

  • I tried to support Intel by buying their A770 but it was very disappointing. A lot of videographers are pushing the American companies GPU for the ad money, I guess, but the cards REALLY fall short.

  • Been using AMD for years never an issue, like I have had with others.

  • Youtube recommends an 8 day old tech news video to me…
    This algo is just getting worse and worse. It has absolutely no idea that I have heard all this elsewhere 8 days ago… When it was current news.
    People need to just stop using this platform and move on,

  • Is this really the first game in history that’s available on a platform like steam and requires you to have an account with the publisher too? Cancel culture at its best right there.

  • Been using my 4090 with an aggressive oc since jan of 23. No issues. Did use a pos cable mod adapter cable that gave me issues last year "black screen with 100% fan speed" and cable mod did send me a new revised cable with the sense pins hidden but it was the last straw for me with cable mod being one of there cables melted with my 3080ti in 2022 and almost caused a fire. I wasn't going for a round 3 being they would for sure win that fight. I wanted a new psu anyways so bought one of the few axt 3.0 that didn't have the lousy 16pin connector on the psu side because I saw quite a few reports of melting on the psu side. And so I bought the corsair atx 3.0 hx1500i on sale for 200 bucks brand new on amazon late last year. It was the exact same price as the atx 3.0 hx1000i so I said why not. Psu run so cool even with my oc 13700k and oc 4090 the fan has only come on once since I've owned it being hwinfo64 runs 24/7 on my pc and i can see the fan rpms along with power in / out readings and psu temp being corsair has a usb-c cable that plugs into the usb 2.0 header on the motherboard for live time monitoring of their psu through icue or hwinfo64. I watch my 16-pin hvpwr voltage through hwinfo64 daily and it never goes below 12.050v on the most extreme load. With the cable mod adapter I was getting down to 11.600 under gaming loads which is still in spec but people have reporting melting at 1.6 even 1.7-8. So who really knows.

  • yeah AMD never melted connectors with a 295×2 gpu

  • "Gamers Nexus" and "investigative reporting" – now there's an oxymoron for you

  • N95 masks were irrelevant. COVID was highly contagious and most goofballs were wearing cloth masks that actually made no difference. US government is just trying to suck money from companies again.

  • Or stop living in crap countries because we are just fine. If your people think electricity is magic then move

  • The debacles that continued happening during Covid, turned me off of gaming altogether. Picked up another hobby and started a business from it.
    I might game here or there from now on, but my time of day one or even year one upgrading is done.

    After seeing the companies’ and fellow man’s real selves during a pretty rough time in history, I want nothing to do with them anymore.
    The solo games I play can get enough fps with decade old equipment.

    Got to ask yourself how they can offer Xbox and PlayStations at $5-600 but the cheapest pc with similar specs is double the cost when it’s on sale….
    Point of all the blathering? It’s gotten out of hand.

  • As someone still running a 1070 I’d love prices to come down. I’m not buying a $800 mid tier card

  • Gn just out there canceling everyone. I totally ditched ltt over their debacle and how poorly Linus handled it

  • AMD GPU sales crashed because nobody is mining anymore. AMD GPUs ware much better for mining but when those who ware buying them went out of business -> the marker share crashes. There is a reason why the used marker is full with AMD GPUs – it's all retired miners.

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