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Gaming on my NVIDIA Tesla GPUs – Part 1 – NVIDIA Maxwell

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Title: "Harnessing the Power of NVIDIA Tesla GPUs for Gaming: A Look at NVIDIA Maxwell Architecture"

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, NVIDIA's Tesla GPUs have traditionally been associated with high-performance computing, data science, and artificial intelligence. However, a recent surge in interest has emerged around the use of these powerful graphics processing units (GPUs) for gaming. This article will delve into the first part of this exciting exploration, focusing on the NVIDIA Maxwell architecture.

NVIDIA Maxwell, unveiled in 2014, marked a significant leap forward in GPU technology. It introduced a new level of power efficiency, enabling the delivery of high-quality graphics while minimizing power consumption. This efficiency, coupled with the raw processing power of the Tesla GPUs, has opened up new possibilities for gaming enthusiasts.

The Tesla GPUs, designed primarily for scientific and data-intensive applications, are now being repurposed for gaming. This shift is made possible by the Maxwell architecture's ability to balance power consumption with performance. This balance allows these GPUs to deliver a gaming experience that is

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  • If you dont mind my asking, What heatsinks did you use in your server? I was following along your build with the ESC 4000 g3, but I am unable to find any heatsinks to use in the system. It's the last step I need before I can boot the server and start on the software side lol

  • I was looking at Techpowerup, the NVIDIA P102-100 is a mining gpu that has performance of a 1080 ti for under 50$ although it has 5 GB vram. I would love to see you test it.

    edit: the Nvidia CMP 100-210 has better performance and 16 gb vram for 200$, it is based on volta.

  • Thanks for the video! Looking forward to the pascal results. Tesla P4 is a powerhouse of a LP gpu

  • Good experiment setup. Love these proper benchmarks

  • I would appreciate it if you added some highlights to your data grids when you call out specific results.

  • the K80 was the biggest waste of money for me, all gpus are double the price in europe and the P40 while being 2.5 times more expensive has like 200% more perofrmance. also the K80 does horrible in 1080p and is pretty laggy and the mehtod of using the K80 for cloud gaming on this channel only allows for 1080p.

  • I virtualized my Pc using hyper-V in one of your previous videos, but I am stuck running at 1080p on the hyper-V windows 11pc i am using via Parsec. How can i increase the host resolution to say 1440p or 4k ? this doesn't seem possible ;(

  • Love your videos i got this server and some tesla p40s finaly got everything running is there anyway to do 144hz parsec streaming i cant find anything on it other than a dummy plug for consumer cards is there any other option since you cant plug anything into the tesla

  • The 7840U has a higher multi-core score in Passmark than the Xeon-E5-2697-v4. In single core it's outright humiliation.

  • Maxwell is not dead yet, it has D3D 12_1 support, and the lattest drivers still support them. U could still run fine any modern game with a GTX 980 Ti.

  • Is that a Radeon VII in the background on your wall? Still rockin' one in my desktop after all these years.

  • there are alot of them… but we do not post them, have many – trying to make things easy for the common man… you – on the other hand – try to make this difficult, if you combine common sense – and a little google everyone will make this work,,,

  • Noticing that most of these old compute cards are cheap due to new AI services not supporting the older cuda version. Triton server for example supports cuda 6 and newer (going off memory here), and the tesla m40 24gb is cuda 5.2 . Did learn this the hard way too since nvidia docs werenโ€™t clear, so wasted money on a card

  • yea veri nasti !!! so go back gtx 500 fermi ..and let htm fix tha sofwer probelsm man if they dodnt som one els weil !!! AMD /INTEL …ETC

  • The Nomad test whips my 1080ti down to the movie like 24fps…

  • I'm rocking a Tesla p4 in my main desktop for playing games and vr games (works with quest 2) though I have an older driver so I can bypass the vgpu stuff.

  • I always think of 22 Jump Street when he says "I am Jeff"

  • way back then in early 2000's 2010's, when I was younger I'd thinker quite a bit with virtual machines, trying new different systems, I flirted quite a lot with linux, and since gaming wasn't there at all yet, I wouldnt just leave windows and distro hop, as fun as it was I couldn't really do too much, it's crazy what you can do with virtualization nowadays!

  • THis is the kind of video you get when you have somebody who wants server hardware but doesnt have a server job to give it.

  • Any chance you'd try to create a DIY 8xP40 Server. I'm using a 4xP40 Server with an AMD7551p and 512gb of Ram for LLM Inference. Now that Llama 400b is upcoming I am wondering if I still could get some decent performance at 4bit with 8 or even 12 P40ties. Vram is just insanely expensive. Is there a better enterprise GPU than the P40 with the same amount or more Vram and at least the same performance, which does not cost 10x the price of a P40? ๐Ÿ˜…

  • I feel the server cpu was really the limiting factor more than anything… 2.3 GHz isn't great ๐Ÿ˜ข

  • How many Patriot burst SSD's you had die on you yet? (I've had a new one last only 2 days!)

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