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ENTIRE Desktop Ryzen 9000 Series Just LEAKED!

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amd next gen gpu

Title: Leaked Information Suggests Entire Desktop Ryzen 9000 Series is on the Horizon

In a recent development, leaked information has hinted at the impending launch of the entire desktop Ryzen 9000 series by AMD. This potential release, if confirmed, would mark a significant leap forward in the world of desktop processors.

The leaked documents, obtained by a reliable source, suggest that AMD is planning to introduce a new lineup of Ryzen 9000 processors. These processors are expected to be based on the Zen 4 architecture, a significant upgrade from the current Zen 3 architecture found in the Ryzen 5000 series.

The Ryzen 9000 series is rumored to include models such as the Ryzen 9 9900X, Ryzen 9 9800X, Ryzen 9 9700X, Ryzen 7 9700, and Ryzen 5 9600. These processors are expected to offer improved performance, efficiency, and overall user experience compared to their predecessors.

While AMD has not officially confirmed these leaks, the information aligns with AMD's history of releasing new processor generations every two years. If the leaks are accurate, the Ryzen 9000 series could potentially be launched later this year or early next year.

This potential release is particularly interesting given the ongoing competition in the desktop processor market. Intel's upcoming Raptor Lake processors and Apple's M2 chipset are also anticipated to be released soon. The Ryzen 9000 series could provide a strong contender in this competitive landscape.

In conclusion, while the information about the Ryzen 9000 series is currently unverified, the leaks suggest that AMD is planning a significant upgrade to its desktop processor lineup. If confirmed, the Ryzen 9000 series could potentially offer improved performance and efficiency, making it a formidable competitor in the desktop processor market.

See video for more information

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  • DirectSR sounds really nice! Of course, one remaining problem is that some games do Vulkan, some do DX12, so it's still… a mess. Standards are great though and this is one step in the right direction. Hopefully the same can be done with Vulkan VS DX12.

  • it is clear, we have entered a new golden age. invest get your wallets ready because this is the time when new millionaires will be born

  • Nvidia is like nazi germany now lol

  • It won't matter if the clock isn't higher then last gen, all it has to do is not run like an oven. The 7950x constantly run on 95C and you needed the biggest AIO or custom liquid cooler just to keep it from overheating -> it was a space heater. Even Intel doesn't run that hot.

  • I wanned to know about the new amd cpues but you keep flappen your facking lips , you trick me all the time with this stupid overline 😢 nvidia bla bla bla fack sake bro you have lost the speach ..

  • I am not upgrading till they come out with a 128 time performance increase.

  • Let's clear up one very important thing nobody seems to comprehend : higher speeds are just a side effect of the new GPU's, their main function is to push the most data in the shortest time so data-centers can harvest the internet much faster then before. It has really nothing to do with AI itself but rather the possibility to give AI the most powerfull tools available. On it's own it's absolutely uninteresting for anyone else but data mining companies !

  • DirectSR is bad news! If this will be adapted by the game makers u will be depended on Microsoft again.

  • I despise and hate super resolution. I wamt frame s remdered as it should be. No artificial bullshit. Real frames only.

  • "ENTIRE Desktop Ryzen 9000 Series Just LEAKED!" –> and they use the same naming conventions as before O_O
    Clickbait much? 😉

  • It will be required when China invade Taiwan and Nvidia is no more.

  • at this point mostly everybody already satisfied with their pc & like to see whats coming up for improvements

  • 9:52 wish you would move the damn cam out of the way so we could look at a comparison between the older cpus. There is no way you go onto that screen and leave the cam there for a full 2 minutes and never thought to show it

  • As far as 9000 goes, i'm more interesting in learning if they've done any upgrades to the X3D architecture.

  • This the recipe for success- more power and more efficiency.

  • My 7950x3d has been absolutely flawless with 64gb of 6400mhz gskill trident z and an msi mag z790 tomahawk WiFi board. If the next gen can make even a 10% improvement with even less power I’ll upgrade.

    My 5950x struggles with frame pacing in certain games, but the 7950x3d has been buttery smooth 100% of the time while barely breaking a sweat keeping up with my strix 4090 OC liquid cooled gpu. Intel CPU’s literally consume double the power for equivalent performance so yeah, I’m “happy”.

  • exciting! I bought 7600x for extremely cheap straight after it came out and now will upgrade to 8 core zen 5

  • Same clocks but lower tdp, maybe the overclock would be good or it may become unstable in games like intel i9 and i7

  • LOL! You kill me! How much faster is the the AM5 platform over the old AM4 platform in day-to-day usage cases with the top-of-of-line AM4 chips? We are getting to point of trying to "compare" a S23 to an S24 which ACTUALLY boils down to millisecond performance differences! These don't mean DICK in the real-world usage cases! Yes! You can SPEND tons of cash setting up an AM5 setup but what are the "real world" gains over a top-of-line AM4 setup? Marginal at best! A webpage will ONLY load so fast based on your internet connection and has NOTHING to do how fast your processor is or how RAM speed! is! Most people do NOT have a clue to this.

  • The next 9800X3D will be $600+ for sure.

  • I can get the same information by reading the original articles on Videocardz in 5 minutes

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