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AMD’s new 7600XT Details! – Is this the new budget KING?!

AMD is launching its 7600XT and its full of features! BUT its more expensive than the average 4060… so who is going to win the …


Title: AMD's New 7600XT: A Potential Budget Gaming King

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, AMD has made a significant move with the announcement of its latest graphics card, the Radeon RX 7600XT. This mid-range graphics card is generating buzz as it could potentially claim the title of the new budget gaming king.

The Radeon RX 7600XT is expected to offer a compelling balance of performance and affordability, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious gamers. According to leaked specifications, the card will feature 6GB of GDDR6 memory and a boost clock speed of around 2.3 GHz. These specs position the 7600XT to deliver impressive 1080p gaming performance, potentially outperforming its competitors in the same price range.

The 7600XT's release comes at a time when the global chip shortage has led to a scarcity of affordable graphics cards. This new offering from AMD could provide a much-needed solution for gamers seeking a budget-friendly option without compromising on performance.


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  • I say we just stop buying new gpus and gauge the eyes of the gpu market. If you got a new gpu 3 years ago, you still have 5-6 more years until you decide whether you want a new gpu or replace. No need to buy a new gpu every 2 years .

  • I've said for an eternity AMD can't do anything to Nvidia until they get their software sorted. That is my biggest issue when I switched back to Nvidia GPU's and Intel CPU's 99/100 times everything you do an update and it works. The X570 Xtreme board I was using is now on revision 37G. (37 different bio's some were beta with up to 7 revisions of each I'll leave the math to you on how many revisions that is) many were USB compatibility, AGESA/voltage fixes, one bios that completely bricked quite a few boards some nuked some peoples CPUs. Don't get me started on Radeon's issues. I'm also a person who uses studio audio equipment and was massively impacted by the USB issues as a result.

    Once I swapped back over to Intel I've had zero issues out of my board/factory set voltages/USB etc. My 5950X had many instances of 90c while using a Artic Freezer II 420mm even though I actively repasted it every other month with kryonaut (since kryonaut pumps out faster than hydronaut/non silicon pastes.)

    As a result I've said many times. Until they get their bios/software straight I refuse to buy another AMD product. I'm aware part of this is attributed to trying to keep motherboards backwards compatible with future generation CPU's for the slot because the 3950X I had previously used on the same motherboard had very little issues at all, but I still refuse to except so many problems out of a product.

    Lastly before you ask I've been using AMD/ and(then ATi Radeon) products since 1994 they didn't always have these massive software problems.

    That aside another great video from Jay and his crew thanks for all of hardwork you all put in toward the videos 😀

  • the 128bit card users should always keep their gaming shadow settings to medium/low if they want a 144/165+ frame rates in 1080p/1440p.

  • Both the 4060 and 7600 cards are still 128bit cards at the end of the day, despite it can push high impressive frame rates but capped heavily in anything going near 4k resolutions and likely to peak at multiple monitors set ups in game run times however the high Vram offering does allow the 1440p to make it possible, however with the 128 bit bus memory is likely going to cut some frames in order to keep the new standard 1440p resolutions in today's time.

  • Man I love his voice AAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • People want more VRAM. Oh yes let's slap 16GB on a 1080P card. You could use it for 1440P but I would like 1080P with 144Hz which is why I call it 1080P card. Question is do you need 16GB on this type of card. It's just a little bit more powerful 7600 with 2x VRAM. I feel like prices will be unnecessarily high.
    I would be happy with 6700xt but their prices skyrocketed in my country. Still using RX 580 with 8GB and I would like a good upgrade with a little bit more VRAM but not 16GB that probably will do nothing.

  • Great video Phil, and finally a card that is near my price range at last so may have a reason to replace my Vega 64 at last.

  • I have to be honest, but Phil's laugh when he's a secondary on Jay's videos is like fingernails on a chalkboard. The few times I've seen Phil as the primary, he's quite good. I know it's a backhanded compliment and I'm sorry for that. Phil, I look forward to seeing more of you.

  • nice video phil! i actually wish they would drop the price to 150-200$ for the lower end 7600 and the xt could be 200-250$ especially considering its doing similar performance to the 2060.

  • I love seeing amd push nvidia, now we need battlemage to be a huge step into intel pushing them both.

  • Just another card being archaically gimped by cutting its memory bus down for the sole reason to keep it slower in the stack. This generation really sucks.

  • well the price point of the rx is on point or lower then the 4060 right now in the netherlands. but we must wait on the rx prices and what the going to do on the market

  • J2C team, like you said, it would have been nice to see how the comparison between AMD and Intel CPUs impacted the special sauce with the AMD HYPR-RX. I think that's an excellent video idea for you all to investigate. Also, AMD FMF/Anti-Lag at a driver level is a problem in anticheat protected games. CS2 was issuing bans because AMD enabled it by default, and it's messing with the game as a DLL from what I remember. I would be concerned if I were on an AMD GPU and tried to enable this in any AC protected game.

    Also, really agree with you all about the SMs being the limiting factor, and not VRAM. Recently, a lot of consumers got hooked on the idea of "IT NEEDS MORE VRAM" and both AMD and NVIDIA have responded appropriately. Can't blame them.
    PS, it's very hard to see, but they do include approximate performance numbers without FMF enabled on the 7600XT in their charts, and it doesn't seem bad, but certainly not a massive improvement. It's like y'all say – only native resolution matters for these performance charts.

  • No Jay today, but Phil does a good job.

  • Do I get the 7600xt or the 6700xt for the same price??? Not sure myself

  • Is this better than the 6700xt (they’re the same price)

  • Hello, ive tried to find help from forums but no results, i just bought SAPPHIRE rx7600 8gb, i have i5 12400f and 16gb RAM, i tried to play Last of us part 1 and my amd drivers keep timingout after 1-10min. does anyone know what to do? I have the latest drivers.

  • Asking if this is gonna be a good budget Pc build that I’m going for using this new xr 7600 Xt ($330) using a b650 motherboard and an AMD ryzen 5 7600X CPU ($300 for both together) with 32 gb of ddr5 ram and using my power supply in my current PC… full pc price around $750-$850
    My current Pc has two GTX 980’s with 16 gb of ddr3 ram with a I7-4970k and I forgot the motherboard but it’s a 2013/2014 motherboard
    My main game I’m looking to be able to run good on med to maybe high graphics is Escape from tarkov which is a vram heavy game so those 16gb compared to 8 is literally huge for that game performance wise from what I have heard but later down the road I’ll be looking to replace even the xr 7600 Xt with a 4070/80 ti super/super or the AMD 7900 XT but for the time being I think it’s a really good budget pc build for the $750-$850 price range could be up to $900 just depends on how much storage I want

  • no stupid laugh? this guy feeling ok?

  • I just finished building my new 1440p PC and used the new ex 7600xt for a budget GPU it’s awesome for what I am using it on. I like the AMD program that allows performance boost to run in the background. If I were to build it again I would use the 7600xt. My other PC build from pre Covid has the GeForce 980 in it and held up really well over the years with all game releases

  • A 350 bucks / 190W TDP card is being considered a budget cards these days.

    Ten years ago, you couldn't have made this up even if you tried.

  • AMD is doing what they're best at, selling underwhelming overpriced paperweights with terrible value

  • Excuse me, what? Nic's OF Pics? 🤣🤣🤣
    There's no way I'm the only one to see that!

    Still all the love and support for the entire team!

  • I bought a 7800xt on launch and im loving the card (gets better each driver update). But my problem is i want to do a custom loop now but there not making blocks for this card 🤬

  • I’m personally excited to potentially purchase the 7600xt and add it to my system

  • Hey Jay and crew, can you maybe look into the massive driver timeout issues with AMD 7000 series on DX12? I've got a 7800 XT myself and WoW is literally unplayable for nearly three months now. I trusted all of you reviewers and I'm extremely disappointed. Nobody even hinted at having such unsolvable issues in their videos. Maybe you're all more influencers than reviewers afterall.

  • Good job Phil!

    As for the card, It's too expensive, and AFAIKT the GPU is still saddled with an x8 interface. Not a tremendous performance hit, but I hate that any gaming GPU comes with such a blatant limitation.
    The price should be $299 tops, but more like $275, with the 7600 going for at most $250. AMD would see a flood of sales at those price points, but for some reason think they're doing better with unsold cards at higher prices.

    I do wonder how this will effect the 12GB 7700XT – something I haven't seen compared to this card yet. Just how big a difference is 16GB vs 12GB and more stream and RT cores and cache and an x16 interface.

  • Nvida great gpus but shit vram almost all card amd meh gpus but perfect vram what the fuck is going on 🤔🤔🤔

  • Thank you, appreciate the info. Good to see Phil, hope things keep going well for you all!

  • I still run 970s in SLi and it's hefty 3.5GB. I should upgrade…

  • Phil, so you think they are going to do this with the other series amd cats as well? Such as 7800xt or 7700xt. Get better j and good job Phil and team!

  • My current gpu is the RTX 2060 8GB. I'm really looking into buying a 4070 or 4070 Super, but man it's tough to shell out $600 for a GPU.

  • As much as it's sad what Jay is going through right now is good to see these videos being made with the larger team. It could be good for the channel in the long term as well. Hope you get sorted out Jay

  • As long as it performs better than the RX 6750 XT at a reduced price, I'll be happy.

  • Nice work Phil! I am one of those people staring at the $280-$350 video cards, as I am looking to replace my gracefully aging RX 580 8gb. I have been looking at 6700 XT as well as the new 7600. I liked the newer features and updates of the 7600 but the vram at 8gb was a little dissappointing. Now the 7600 XT is coming, priced the same as most 6700 XT's I am even more confused unfortunately. Looking forward to the inevitable shoot out between these two cards, plus seeing how it stacks up against the 4060Ti 16gb.

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