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AMD Will Crush Nvidia With This

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  • How will it crush Nvidia you didn't say, more cluckbate garbage clicking on do not recommend channel.

  • Just finished my AMD build last week. Short of something unforeseen, I don’t see a need to go back to green and blue.

  • Amazon been had hydrogen in their warehouses…

  • The listens is also meant to inform you that you can only listen/watch that digital content on THAT device or devices from the company you agreed to the license on (Apple devices/apps)

  • Am I the only one getting Joe Swanson vibes from Brett reading the comments?

  • Hmm, that audio volume is the same in this one. What ever you di, your volume is even louder than before, and it was already 50% louder than the rest of youtube. Please look into it.

  • Hey! following the channel for a while. Thanks for great content guys. What does UFD mean?

  • 7600 xt to be expected 349$ 200tdp

  • "We'll own your company if you send this tech to China." – US Government

  • All "gas powered" forklifts use hydrogen. They have for a loooooooooong time. They can't use kerosene or gasoline because the fumes. Hydrogen exhaust is not nearly as bad and unlike cars, are extremely unlikely to get busted up then explode. Hence why they use them in industry and retail.
    They're way more common in industrial settings. Retail perfures electric.

  • AMD isnt crushing anything. Their 20GB models are losing to 12GB NVIDIA cards.

    When amd grows a brain they might be a viable piece of hardware.

  • at 5:51 zoom in at the right guy and wait until he changes expression. He is dead for a good minute

  • The normal price of a GPU release it is to buy it after 1 year, when it's finally a decent price.

  • RTX 4070 Super VS RTX 4070 TI … will be like 10 to 20 FPS behinde 4070 TI , and my country price curency could be like 3300 vs 3600 …when rtx 4070 its 3000 price

  • WAtch. Chinese are gonna buy these up and then sell them online as regular 4090s. 100%

  • Bought a 7600 as a temporary card so to speak. And coming from a console, its not been an awful card for me. I’ve even been getting decent frames on a 1440p monitor. 7600x wouldve probably been good enough for me to not want to upgrade within 12 months lol

  • Did I really try to catch Kyler's hand 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


  • Brett is ridiculous. His argument about physical media is genuinely brain dead.

  • I wish amd could crush nvidia but we all know that's a long way from now, if it happens at all.

  • We can't give the CCP tech as good as ours cause they'll use it against us. Thats why. And China and Japan also hate each other. So That's actually Nvidias way of secretly saying FU. Lol.

  • I heard the collective screech of r/datahoarder when Brett said "delete your data"

  • One thing about owning physical media is that the owner has more control for the longevity of that media itself, while digital stuff are a lot more at the mercy of those tech giants who actually own it but still sells it as if you could own it while only disclosing the truth in some obscure area of some sort of agreement.
    Sure physical media will still eventually break, but at least I don't have to worry about some other tech giants suddenly deciding not granting the right to access them, and there are plenty of other ways to extend their life other than just storing them properly in the first place.

  • Sadly as far as i have seen the price was (they want) at 360-380 for 7600XT.

    Edit: We still need hope, so lets hope the price is mutch closer to 300.

  • Man, YouTubers have been saying AMD gonna beat Nvidia for over a year. Still waiting

  • Brett, your arguments are…lacking. The price of gaming hasn't gone up adjusted for inflation, but wages have been stagnant for close to/if not more than three decades. Yes; if we want be pedantic nothing is forever, but you know exactly where people are coming from when they champion physical media, so stop it Darling, it's embarrassing. You may be fine with "getting Sony'd" but a lot of other people aren't.

    Also let us imagine for a moment, that Librarians, Historians, Archivists and the like shared your views on data…

  • Will the 4080 super have fixed connectors? Like no melting issues or will it still have the same as 4080?

  • Physical is permanent.
    CD's can be saved and restored from rot.
    Carts can be maintained, cleaned, restored, battery changed, etc.
    I still play my 1989 copy of Tetris on my DMG GameBoy, and still listen to my 1992 cassette of Nirvana Nevermind, both I've had since new. All of my music CD's from the 90's still work, and all of my GBA carts from the early 00's work perfectly as well.

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