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AMD Talks Ryzen 9000, AM5 Support, Zen 5, AI & More

At Computex 2024 Adam talked with Donny Woligroski, Senior Technical Marketing Manager at AMD, about the announcements …

amd ai

Title: AMD Confirms Ryzen 9000, AM5 Platform, Zen 5, and AI Emphasis in Future Plans

In a recent interview, AMD's CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, discussed the company's future roadmap, providing insights into the upcoming Ryzen 9000 series, AM5 platform, Zen 5 architecture, and AI integration.

Dr. Su confirmed that the Ryzen 9000 series, based on the Zen 5 architecture, is in development. The new processors will be manufactured using TSMC's 5nm node, promising improved performance and efficiency over their predecessors.

AMD also revealed details about the AM5 platform, which will support the Ryzen 9000 series. The platform is expected to bring significant improvements in power efficiency, connectivity, and overall performance.

AI has been a growing focus for AMD, and the company emphasized its commitment to AI technology. AMD plans to integrate AI acceleration directly into its CPUs, aiming to deliver improved performance for AI workloads.

While these developments are not entirely new, the confirmation and details provided by AMD offer a clearer picture of the company's future plans. The Ryzen 9000 series, AM5 platform, and Zen 5 architecture are expected to set new benchmarks in the CPU market, further solidifying AMD's position as a formidable competitor in the industry.

This news underscores AMD's commitment to innovation and its dedication to delivering high-performance, efficient, and AI-focused solutions for consumers and businesses alike. As AMD continues to push the boundaries of technology, it will be interesting to see how these developments shape the future of the CPU market.

See video for more information

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  • We really need to know what is the sweet spot for RAM speed on Zen5 and X870.

  • keep doing the good work. I'm more budget oriented myself but I still want to know about the latest 🙂

  • Wait 1st AI chip? I thought Lisa said it was their 3rd hence the 300? You mean it's not because 300 is higher than 200?

    Seriously though this guy seems really chilled. It's a nice interview. I am excited for the x3D chips this gen.

  • This guy seems like not carrying much … answers are “meh, it is what it is”

  • What if I want to buy a new X870E motherboard, but use my Ryzen 9 7950x until the 3D V-cache model comes out?

  • Hot take: AMD isn't really supporting AM4. Its just slightly different bins of existing CPUs. If they released Zen 3+ 6000 series as a last hurrah maybe, but come on… They can just adjust the prices on existing SKUs to give the exact same value. They literally wouldn't have any issues because they can market the the Zen 3+ stuff as a way to help give budget gamers and people who wanna sell their AM4 boards to upgrade to AM5 a bit of relief. Zen 3+ wouldn't really eat into the Zen 5 market since the performance gap wouldn't really justify picking the lower older architecture anyways for people who are making new computers or upgrading from Zen 3 anyways. Hell they can even add like 40 TOPS for AI on AM4.

  • As someone who lives in a hot country, I welcome CPUs with lower TDPs.

  • Support out through 2027 doesn't mean much other than Zen 6 is coming out on AM5. Zen 6 will come out 2026. Zen 7 won't come out until 2028 and EVEN IF it comes out in 2027 that doesn't mean AM5. The only thing AMD needs to do is put out a new CPU or two on AM5 just like they're doing with AM4 and Zen 3.

    So, I would expect Zen 6 to be like Zen 3, and Zen 3 will have another 12 – 15% performance jump over Zen 5 so it WILL be the big seller for AM5 just like Zen 3 has been for AM4.

    When Zen 7 comes out AMD will need to move to AM6/DDR6. I don't think AMD wants to do the thing Intel did with 2 different MBs with 2 different memory controllers for the same socket. That's too messy. It's also die space on a CPU to require 2 different memory controllers. It's not smart. So expect Zen 7 to be AM6/DDR6 which will be widely available then and the price even having a chance to drop some by 2027-2028 when Zen 7 comes out.

  • It’s dogshit, unrelease that shit. Gatekeeping the cache performance behind X3D chips

  • To me the most important question wasn't asked, did the CPU-chipset interface move to gen5 ALSO? Is it now 16GB/s instead of 8GB/s like it was for 600 series boards and Zen 4?

    Something not talked about but very important is gaming IPC. The chart shown just for a handful of games shows small uplifts for older titles, but who cares because 450 vs 475 fps doesn't mean anything, and it shows larger IPC uplifts for newer open world games in general. Hitman 3 didn't show much but it's a higher fps game anyway. So seeing gaming uplifts for this platform over a larger number of games will be nice.

    Last point. AMD says that this is the best gaming CPU. It probably won't beat Zen 4 X3D though and you'll need Zen 5 X3D to beat that part. HOWEVER, AMD lowered power draw by dropping clocks a little bit, something they didn't mention but that's REALLY how they're getting power performance. In a stock config or probably even using PBO Zen 5 is going to butt stomp on Intel CPUs for perf/watt. at the upper end. You can always get really good perf/watt or fps/watt by slowing clocks down even more but then fps drops off too and that's not what gamers want. So, at the upper end of performance AMD is going to clobber Intel with fps/watt until Intel comes out with CPUs on Intel 4 process node. At that time Intel has a good chance of being much better on the power draw and have better appeal.

  • Wow the marketing team is bad for AMD 😳😬

  • Dear Adam, why does it matter to AMD if selling CPUs on AM4 cuts into AM5 CPU sales????????

    Huh?? WHY?? AMD is SELLING A PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can you all stop asking stupid idiot questions?? Now, I know you're not the ONLY channel saying stupid stuff and this has been said by other people who obviously can't THINK STRAIGHT. But still, I go to watch a video from you all and usually within the first two minutes I want to go watch something else because you ask stuff NO ONE CARES ABOUT!!!!!!!!!! I want to know about Ryzen 9000 and you're asking about will one product selling cut into sales of another. Here's the answer, YES. But why should AMD CARE?? They're selling a product one way or another and keeping people on AMD products. That MATTERS.

  • PCWorld always bringing the best news. Most of what i wanted to know about the mobile chips is covered here! One question though, are we looking at better battery life in the AI300 as well?

  • As of this September, I'll be officially in retirement mode for my current system. 3700x/3060ti/WD Blue 500g os drive/850w gold PSU. It still does all my current and old games, at varying levels, but new games are starting to look hairy, even at 1080p. I was planning on a whole new rig, but I might be able to get behind just doing a cpu and gpu upgrade. While I would otherwise plan for a 5070 or 8700 XT for gpu, and a 9700X for my new cpu, I am highly interested in seeing what the 5700 XT can do.

    While I recognize the 5800X3D has been available for several years now, I have concerns about heating and cooling. My PSU is taxed enough that I can upgrade EITHER the cpu or gpu (and still have buffer), but not both.

    Looking forward to seeing the reviews.

  • For some reason I tend to listen to these interviews even though I know there will be zero new information in them.

  • I've been using AMD exclusively since 1999 precisely because of the solid quality, long socket life, and so easily upgradeable. I just upgraded last week from a 3900X to 5900X. If AM5 will last as long as AM4, count me in for another decade!

  • Everyone hated the mobile naming scheme as the most important number was the third one. The first could be actually deceptive.

  • Improving x3d, eh? That may be interesting. I can only speculate, but perhaps they were able to improve the voltage parity to allow higher clocks? Or more consistent uplift game to game?

  • People complain a platform don't last long enough now they complain it last to long. Get a life.

  • Going from 3709x to possible name of 9800x3d. 6700xt to 5080. Should be a great upgrade/new build

  • I'm just going to upgrade my CPU into my X670 board. I'm happy.. Thank you AMD.

  • AMD gpu sucks for most of my 3D and motion graphics work so it's obviously no brainer. I like the cpu but they still no equivalent to quicksync. If they can pull that off, I'll switch to Ryzen.

  • Will the USB4 support power delivery (@V & ?W)?

  • Hope to see some custom silicon for gaming handhelds – 6 Zen5c small efficient cores with Radeon 890m igpu. Z1 is not custom, its just binning of existing 7040u

  • AMD CPUs have really become the premier standard for good gaming CPUs. If only radeon can pull a zen moment!

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