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AMD Says You’re Doing it Wrong. – Best settings for AMD GPUs

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amd latest gpu

Title: Optimizing AMD GPU Performance: The Best Settings for Maximum Efficiency

In the ever-evolving world of technology, understanding and optimizing the performance of your hardware is crucial. Recently, AMD, a leading manufacturer of graphics processing units (GPUs), has shed light on the best settings for their GPUs to ensure optimal performance.

For gamers and enthusiasts alike, getting the most out of an AMD GPU can significantly enhance the overall experience. AMD's latest guidance aims to help users achieve this goal.

1. **Radeon Software**: AMD's Radeon Software is a powerful tool that allows users to fine-tune their GPU settings. Ensuring the software is updated to the latest version is the first step towards optimal performance.

2. **Radeon Chill**: This feature, exclusive to AMD, dynamically adjusts the GPU's power usage based on the game's movement. This can help reduce power consumption and heat output, improving the lifespan of the GPU while maintaining performance.

3. **Radeon Boost**: This technology dynamically adjusts the GPU clock speed based on the game's requirements. This can help maintain a consistent frame rate, reducing stuttering and improving overall gameplay.

4. **Radeon Image Sharpening**: This feature enhances the sharpness of images without increasing the GPU load. This can help improve visual quality without sacrificing performance.

5. **FreeSync**: If you're using an AMD FreeSync monitor, enabling this feature can help eliminate screen tearing and stuttering, providing a smoother gaming experience.

6. **Custom Tailoring**: For those who want to dive deeper, AMD's WattMan allows users to customize the power, temperature, and clock speed settings of their GPU. However, it's important to note that incorrect settings can potentially harm the GPU.

In conclusion, understanding and optimizing your AMD GPU settings can significantly improve your gaming or computing experience. By utilizing features like Radeon Chill, Radeon Boost, Radeon Image Sharpening, and FreeSync, you can achieve optimal performance while also reducing power consumption and heat output. For those who want more control, AMD's WattMan offers the ability to customize settings to your specific needs.

See video for more information

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  • Funny enough, I just got an amd gpu and was going to look up this topic, when I opened youtube and saw your video on my recommended

  • Guys my AMD Radeon has corrupt please help me to buy another one 😢 please

  • Linus, you can get 240 from 2 legs of 110. some power supplies even have an operating mode for 2 110s instead of 110 and a neutral. Not only that, but those psu will operate significantly more efficiently that way. Im pretty sure most rack mounted psus are 240VAC.

  • Resize bar leads to higher fps but also for more stutters (lower low fps)

  • AMD 6700XT are total trash. Shame on you for promoting them. Save time, heartache and money and stick with Nvidia. This was my first and last AMD card. Their support sucks too.

  • Me: Its been some time since I used AMD GPU and I never used their CPU, prices are good, reviews too, lets try it
    AMD: heres a free GPU driver timeout error, thank me later!

  • Does the CPU and GPU both have to be AMD to enable this feature, because I tried to enable on my Intel system and I have a AMD 6900 GPU? This feature was greyed out on my Bois

  • So how do I get more FPS whilst on 1080p whilst keeping the graphic fidelity then?

  • Okay, I did this, but getting the blue screen now and won't reboot normally can u help please.

  • ok but how to use that FSR/RSR setting because …. AMD software does not work – 6900XT r7 7700x

  • They have been talking about quantum tunneling since 14nm. It seems they can often figure out a way to stave it off for yet another smaller node.

  • And what about Premiere Pro..and Da Vinci resolve…also for LR and Photoshop…I don't understand how to set the best performance setting in Radeon software…compare to NVIdea is easy to tweek….plz guide me

  • Meanwhile Aussies chilling with 240V and great sun for solar. Cheap electricity. But the sauna rooms are real. Cheers from down under!

  • got a black when i did this smh, had to cmos

  • Well I have an AMD system and GPU I got to tell you I'm sorry I did this because now I am blue screened and I usually take Linus as a vice and have no problems but this time I am totally hosed and I am trying to rebuild my system now do not do this people

  • poor video, we want to see real comparison or results, not advertisement talking

  • AMD : Just do some setting tweaks.
    NVidia : See the issue is that you bought a NON-TI version, we released a new one for $600 more. It's a good deal we swear.

  • Well, FSR – do draws frames in between…which lead to staggers, input lags, shittie image, blurring and smuggling all around. FSR is something, that has to be putted in the “I don’t have another choice” box, when you really don’t have another choice. If you have money to go and buy NVidia – go and buy it, it is still better to buy new gpu than using FSR. All of the frames, that are shown aren’t real, compare real 90 fps and 90 FSR fps. You will be so surprised, that you see the numbers with FSR, but the game just don’t work.

  • This hurts my brain. Just make a card that operates at optimal performance all times. Turn on and play, no fucking hoops and ladders to min max your graphics.

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