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AMD Just SURPASSED Nvidia At Their Own Game!

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Title: AMD Outpaces Nvidia in Cryptocurrency Mining, Marking a Significant Shift in Market Dominance

In a surprising turn of events, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has surpassed Nvidia in the lucrative cryptocurrency mining market. This development, reported by several tech outlets, marks a significant shift in the market dominance that Nvidia has held for years.

The rise of AMD in the cryptocurrency mining sector can be attributed to the increased demand for its graphics processing units (GPUs) due to their efficiency in mining cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. AMD's latest GPUs, such as the Radeon RX 6000 series, have been praised for their performance and cost-effectiveness, making them a popular choice among miners.

This news comes at a time when the global cryptocurrency market is experiencing a resurgence, with Bitcoin and Ethereum reaching new all-time highs. The increased interest in cryptocurrencies has led to a surge in demand for high-performance GPUs, creating a competitive landscape in the market.

While Nvidia has traditionally held a strong position in the GPU market, AMD's recent success indicates a growing challenge to Nvidia's dominance. This shift could have far-reaching implications for the tech industry, as it may prompt Nvidia to reevaluate its strategies and invest more in research and development to maintain its market position.

In conclusion, AMD's outperformance of Nvidia in the cryptocurrency mining market is a significant development that underscores the dynamic nature of the tech industry. As the global cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how both AMD and Nvidia adapt to the changing landscape.

See video for more information

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  • At this point new x090 cards are as desirable as a Cybertruck.

  • AMD surpassing Intel is good for my shares that what I care about

  • banned your channel from my recommended because of the annoying clickbait titles.

  • Probably, likely, PCB excuses… have to sell that ad space somehow.
    Mostly filler episode, just wait for the Computex.

  • amd not upping the core count , is not really disapointing … hardcore gamers don't really need more than an 8 core /16 thread cpu , the average user taht doesn't play gmaes doesn't even really ened a 6 core , which is AMD's low end , most work systems do great with just 12-16 cores for that matter as well.

  • At this point just combine the GPU with the motherboard, I'm tired of advising gamers to lay their PCs horizontally so they are not creating more electronic waste.

  • A FAR better GPU sag/weight fix would be just to give the card a full metal spine on top. That way all the weight will rest on the I/O screws, giving you a full metal support.

    I personally push the card upward before tightening the screws on the I/O bracket to counter the sag

  • if they do not have neural engine than they should just cancel release

  • I tried buying amd gpu to match my 7800x3d but i couldnt, amd loses eveytime to nvidia, its the third PC i build and first time on Amd CPU but never went for Amd Gpu cause they are just worse

  • Nothing New on the AI sector from AMD, If you follow ASML news you already knew this 6 months ago as they student competition to figure out what it is capable of.

  • I dont care who wins at this AI BS just if they are good at gaming

  • Amd scoring another own goal making everything too expensive to keep up with the Joneses (NVIDIA) and INTEL

  • AMD is supposed to be better at price to performance, not just performance. Nvidias cards are like $50k and the new ones coming out are supposed to be like $70k. It could be half as powerful and only cost $10k and the price to performance would be through the roof but you'd still be getting half of the performance. I think it's good that AMD will be making some extra cash but we'll have to wait and see how well they stack up against each other.

  • It's good to have AI competition, then Nvidia might pay attention to the low hanging fruit of the graphics GPU market side of the house. Otherwise it will become an afterthought.

  • Nice clickbait. NVIDIA has never been a price to performance company. lmao. Thought that AMD has surpassed NVIDIA at AI at the top GPU. Nice clickbait… People don't hate you for nothing…

  • As fat man to another lose weight and you will sound better.

  • Count me in, done with nVidia Power crazy GPUs and ridiculous prices and then telling gamers FU we don't care what you want. AMD CPU/GPU again for my future purchases. And nVidia's treatment of the very users that made them popular in the first place, shifting to bitcoin mining which has once again failed! nVidia treats consumers are disposable tools. NEVER nVidia again, never!

  • What is nvidia's own game? Is it selling x050 cards with the number x070 written on at the price of a x090 card?

  • I am not surprised that AMD beats Nvidias price to performance. If you compare with cars you could see Nvidia as a very fast and luxury car with top performance but when it comes to real life, then Fiat purchased Chrysler some years ago. There are much more people buying tiny cars than Cryslers. The question is does the companies need the fast performance of the Nvidia chips or will AMD chips be more suitable at a much lower cost and AMD AI chips have one more ace, they run open source programs, which will mean more competition and lower prices. It was recently publish that Nvidia demand and supply is more even so I guess many companies have come to the same conclusion as Microsoft.

  • I think calling and making the mi300x cheap enough that people who have no chance of getting h100 gpus or b100 Blackwell ones “winning” for amd a stretch to me it’s making it so radeon isn’t a total leach like they have been for over a decade almost killing the company repeatedly.

  • Surpassed Nvidia at their own game? You mean overpricing?

  • Get your face off of the video! What you have to say is interesting, but your face is not, not to mention that it blocks what you are trying to show in the fisrt place.

  • video looks like overdubed

  • That 58kg limit might be a spoiler for what will be coming in terms of gpu size in the future. Really tought that this gen or next gen will be the max size and then focus their resources to make the chip cooler

  • after years i'm still getting clickbait video in this channel

  • fun fact amd and nvidia ceo are the same family members i'm pretty sure nvidia help amd develop there new cpu/gpu bc they have an ai which creates boards

  • Dude, you're full of bs, your whole chanel is full of bs

  • Not such a great report video.
    Sounds like it is all speculating and no factual evidence.
    This leaves us with a 'let's wait and see what happens ' status.

  • 58kg is technically impossible to do on that slot, come on, this is can't be serious!

  • That is why I am more Excited for the RDNA 5 than, RDNA4. Because RDNA 5 architectural change can have way more CUs, than RDNA 3 and 4. and If Redgamingtech is corrent if AMD is insane enough to make an RDNA 5 GPU with a whooping 384cu that is insane, It will be like 3 XTX of combine performance.

  • AMD hasn’t won until they out-perform or sell more units and they aren’t close to doing either. I’m glad they will get the customers who are lower tier and can’t afford Nvidia products though. Good place in the market for AMD.

  • Ryzen 9000 Desktop CPU's will still be called Ryzen 9000. They wouldn't have announced them as such at Computex if they weren't.

  • Full-size and heavy (0.5Kgr/1Lbs) video cards, rear part, should have support on MB and specially on the case: strong brackets attached with strong plastic or metallic support beams.
    I think: computer cases and MBs should be built different: The Video Card is always the problematic item, 'coz of its cooling.

    Well is not surprising to me at all, 1 AMD EPYC CPU is worth 2+ ShIntel Xeon CPUs, so on CPU servers AMD has a small minority market share, even with the massive performance, but this is changing slowly; now the AMD Server GPUs are following the AMD Server CPU path, so this was a matter of time, as AMD Server products have been increased in performance a lot, but NGreedia Server GPUs too; yet they're close in performance, and no NGreedia Server GPU is still faster, last time I checked, but not by much; and here's the AMD advantage, is a more efficient design: costs less and the consumes less W, so performance/W is lower, hence TCO is lower (Total Cost of Ownership)

  • 58 kg load weight will allow the slot to cope with a fumble-fingers dropping their case an inch or two (or three) with a heavy card in it without (hopefully) breaking anything. (e.g. 1 kg under 58 g acceleration force because of a sudden stop will put approx 58 kg stress on whatever is holding it).

  • Leading price performance = marketing speak for “this can’t compete on performance but it’s not too expensive”

  • WELP, AM5 till 2025 they said. Nobody keeps up with their promises anymore

  • IMHO GPU-s should be mounted on motherboard like CPU and have common cooler.

  • At the end of the video you said Nvidia twice for example you said, do you think Nvidia will be Nvidia at their own game

  • A 9:18 you flubbed. You said "Nvidia surpassing Nvidia at the own game". I think you meant AMD is surpassing Nvidia at their own game.

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