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AMD Just LEAKED Their Own RX 8000 GPU!

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Title: AMD's Alleged RX 8000 GPU Leak Suggests Next-Gen Graphics Upgrade

In a surprising turn of events, a potential leak has surfaced, hinting at AMD's upcoming RX 8000 series graphics cards. The leak, though unconfirmed, has sparked excitement among tech enthusiasts and gamers alike, promising a potential upgrade to current graphics performance.

The leak, which originated from a usually reliable source, reveals some intriguing details about the RX 8000 series. If authentic, the RX 8000 GPUs could feature significant improvements in terms of performance, power efficiency, and possibly even ray tracing capabilities, which have become increasingly popular in modern gaming.

However, it's essential to approach this information with caution. AMD has yet to officially announce any plans for the RX 8000 series, and the details leaked are subject to change before any official product launch.

If the leak proves accurate, the RX 8000 series could pose a serious challenge to Nvidia's current market dominance in the high-end graphics card segment.

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  • To all those saying clickbait title, he covered reason at the start secondly he covers more than just the title thirdly who cares. Not like you getting slapped with adverts every second.
    Thanks for the effort you place into all the content no big deal on title tbh. Watch almost every post so there are times you cover same subject more than once in a short period of time again i don't care as you always have at least two subjects that you have not previously covered in the posts.

    Save your whining of click bait for channels that ALWAYS have that kind of crap and some lame AI voice.

  • We already know, RDNA 4, will barely deliver anymore performance than the 7900 XT, I don't see anything to get excited about for the 8000 series when the 7000 series offers nothing special.

  • 8945hs is not amds best cpu…..that would be the 7945HX

  • I don’t subscribe to this guy cuz he’s nothing but clickbait, misinformation spreader.

  • 0:26 Please stop apologizing for the talking head videos, most of the time I actually like them better. Your “Talking head” videos are actually pretty good.

  • Dang, that snapdragon is gonna make AMD non existent in the laptop market

  • I think you think too much.

  • Je vais payer pour une rx 8000 si elle est équivalente à une 7900 xt et qu'elle a une meilleure efficacité énergétique parceque ici en France le prix de l'électricité est infernal

  • Dude, you gotta at least read the 1st paragraph of the WccfTech article b4 doing a segment. XeSS isn't getting more fps. It's rendering at lower res per setting 😂

  • For people that don't know yet there would be no 8900xt or 8900 or 8900XTX they don't do more than 16go GPU next gen NO high end only mid and low end GPU

  • who wants to pay for a crash fest and crappy drivers. AMD has been the worst experience of my life

  • AM5+ may mean improved cooler mounting options so they don't have to make the IHS on the 9k series as thick as the 7k series.

  • So over the baited thumbnails and even the info on these videos are rubbish, see yas later.

  • What did Youtube just cange since yesterday that causes video playback to RESTART FOR NO APPARENT REASON?

  • Supposedly the 8000 series amd gpus are gona be sh the last decent flagship gpu is the 7900 xtx

  • Sometimes I lay in my garden and cover myself with soil then I pretend I’m a carrot.

  • If you have a flagship Android phone, you're not surprised that Qualcomm is releasing a monster CPU right out of the gate. After all, the mobile CPUs and any Android flagship phone are among some of the best in the world

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