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AMD is About to CRUSH Intel… Just Like I Predicted

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Title: AMD's Momentum: Outpacing Intel in the CPU Market

In the dynamic world of technology, the competition between AMD and Intel has always been a spectacle to behold. Recently, AMD has shown a significant surge in its CPU market share, leading some analysts to predict a potential dominance over Intel.

The recent launch of AMD's Ryzen 5000 series CPUs has been a game-changer. These processors, with their impressive performance-per-dollar ratio, have attracted a significant number of consumers. The Ryzen 9 5950X, for instance, has been hailed as the best consumer CPU in the market, offering a 13% improvement over its predecessor.

Intel, on the other hand, has been grappling with production issues, particularly with its 7nm process. This has resulted in delayed product launches and a loss of market share to AMD. Intel's 10th Gen Comet Lake-H CPUs, while powerful, are based on the 14nm process, making them less competitive in terms of power efficiency and heat generation compared to AMD's offerings.

The shift in market dynamics is not just about performance. AMD has also been making strides in other areas, such as its Zen 3 architecture, which promises even better performance and power efficiency. Additionally, AMD's commitment to a more consumer-friendly approach, with competitive pricing and a focus on value, has resonated with consumers.

While Intel is not out of the race yet, AMD's current momentum suggests a potential shift in the CPU market. If AMD can maintain its pace, it could indeed crush Intel, just as some predictions have suggested. However, the race is far from over, and both companies will continue to innovate and compete, ensuring that consumers continue to benefit from the relentless pursuit of technological advancement.

See video for more information…

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  • Crash ? Give it 2 more years then will know

  • What about video crads and chips? NVIDIA is ahead of time in chips for Neural Networks and stuff compared to AMD.

  • Need Ryzen 3 fr, I wanted to build an AM5 PC for my friend but the cheapest AM5 CPU is 200$(Ryzen 5 7600) compared to intel, cheapest 12th gen CPU is only 95$(i3 12100F) motherboards are the same price though

  • Kudos on the production value and sound quality. Especially noticeable compared to the footage of 5 years ago. Thumbs in the air.

  • 2:19 That transition right there was some movie grade editing….

  • yes i need an outdoors video every computex 🙂

  • Lol welcome to Taiwan. I could never expect you playing at those parks in Taipei

  • I am loving the efficiency in the Ryzen CPU's.
    I mean, obviously generational uplift in performance is important, but I will happily take the smaller performance uplift if they're easier to cool which allows easier overclocking anyway 👌👌

  • As someone who bought and still uses a 1950X, subsequent threadrippers being grossly expensive has definitely affected me.
    I'm looking at a new one, and that's going to set me back at least $20k for the whole thing…. goddamn…
    It's understandable in that it otherwise cannibalises their EPYC sales, but I still don't like it.

  • AMD64 all over again. Lots of hype, no production capacity

  • It's crazy that i have bought my 2920x for 300$ back in the day, and to this date there is no real upgrade alternative under 1500$…

  • I have a question hope someone can help. If i have a Aorus X670 (AM5 Socket) am i going to be available to put one of this new chips inside or i need to get a newer motherboard like an X870?

  • Will 3rd gen Ryzen AI processors also be available for laptops starting July? Will we be seeing laptops thens or later?

  • Don't understate AMD's commitment to drop-in upgrades, new AM4 chips is wild! This means AM4 is going on eight years of upgrades when every Intel socket only gets like two years max.

  • My motherboard just died so this might be a nice upgrade if it comes out before autumn.

  • I didn’t know the backpack had a water bottle carrier…

  • Best perfomance from Linus I have ever seen. And Im happy that Linus read many coments, so i hope he will read mine 😀 PS: What about LTT Store stock in EU? To reduce shipping cost…

  • As a guy with old AM4 socket motherboard, i am excited for ryzen 9 5900xt, ryzen 7 5800xt. Love AMD's socket longevity commitment.

  • When AMD fails, like any other company, cause nothing is ever set in nails forever, will you make a video on how you were wrong?

  • A reduction (or at least not increase) in power draw is a really welcome thing these days
    Otherwise we're going to end up with 1kW cpus

  • Linus carrying a backpack on one shoulder like he’s still a 14 year old kid trying to be cool 😂

  • The content is so much better since they moved back into the house. I now catch myself watching all LTT videos.

  • Ok and how many predictions did you make that didn't come true? I mean saying you were right about one thing but ignoring all the times you were wrong or just not right doesn't make you right about everything

  • I'm very surprised to see new AM4 chips they may be 2gen behind but if priced so you get equivalent to Intel 13gen at 1/2 or 3/4 price of Intel chip current AM4 board users will just drop in a new cpu, as cost of motherboard Memory and time to swap out parts won't be worth it. Maybe save up and see if AMDs planes for AM5 as good as AM4 was. Bit this makes Intel look bad as does capstan tape letting you use Intel gen chips in so called nonsupported older gen board.

  • Until DDR5 is cheaper than DDR4, AMD would keep making Zen3 CPUs like 5900XT.

  • Have had AMD, NVIDEA, AMAZ, TMSC, ASML, ARM, MFST, GOOG, META stocks for years now – lucky run so far. Retirement is at least secured. YMMV. (Note: not recommending anything to anyone – will however splurge and get a 5090/9950x rig this year as a modest contribution to their business)

  • Took me a sec to realize you're in Taiwan. Tons of cool historical spots to see there.

  • Why is this the same video every single time and at the end of the day I don't care about AMD I just always buy intel

  • well intel have lunar lake soon with ram inside the cpu

  • The am4 thing sounds awesome if first gen Boards weren't plagued by cripplingly small bioses meaning they cant get that much in there, iirc the highest we got was 3rd gen

  • 5 years ago I followed your investment advise, thanks!!

  • Linus looks so much younger without the beard.

  • 4:20 – While the slide shown isn't what we intended, it still makes our point. We're still at the 16 core mark and basically nothing has changed spec-wise with Ryzen 9000 since Ryzen 7000.

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